Angel Lawson

Student Contributor

Angel Lawson
Birmingham University

Self development, sport and fitness, university lifestyle, social media trends, Birmingham student news, nightlife culture, music

  • Angel Lawson is part of the The Tab Birmingham's Student Contributors, where she provides information regarding current social media trends and elevates them into Birmingham related articles
  • Angel creates articles regarding relevant trends on social media, specifically on student topics of self-development, mixed with a healthy equivalence on the university lifestyle
  • Angel's aspiration on self-development stems into her daily routine through playing for Birmingham's history society netball team, creating her own social media regarding her degree in history, and actively pursuing more academic qualifications in marketing for the summer of 2024


Angel has invested into her future career in academia through creating a social media account regarding raising awareness for ancient and medieval history. Angel has begun her role at the Tab since September 2023 and has garnered an integral role in The Tab meetings regarding current affairs online.


Angel is completing her final year studying BA Ancient and Medieval History at the University of Birmingham, and is currently applying for masters programmes throughout England for next year. Angel's producing her dissertation on the instigation of antisemitic violence during the Black Death period of the fourteenth century.


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