We spoke to the UoB student who got a tattoo of Old Joe

Her friend drew it on a receipt

We found out that The University of Birmingham only employs six qualified counsellors

All six do not work full time either

We asked UoB students how they felt about the staggering number of violent and sexual crimes in Selly Oak

There were a reported 333 sexual and violent attacks in 2017

Over 300 violent and sexual crimes were committed in Selly Oak in 2017

Attacks even occurred in Aldi car park

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‘His views will not be tolerated on campus’: Here’s what went down at the Anti Jacob Rees-Mogg protest

UoB students exercised their right to freedom of speech as Rees-Mogg visits the university

Talking at UoB today, Jacob Rees Mogg spoke about supporting welfare cuts and tuition fees

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Has anyone ever thought how stupid it is that our £44 million library can only seat 2,000 out of 30,000 students?

The VC thinks it’s a vast improvement

There’s going to be an Anti Jacob Rees-Mogg protest at Birmingham uni

It will take place just before he is due to speak

Jacob Rees-Mogg is coming to speak at UoB

He will be a guest speaker

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A UoB academic has been sentenced for committing ‘depraved sexual and physical acts’

He will serve 32 years imprisonment

Fifth biggest earthquake to hit the UK causes chaos in Birmingham

It was 4.7 on the Richter Scale