Which pubs in Selly are open?

Meet the local team

Every Brum student will be getting a UoB-branded face mask in September

No news whether we’ll get customised old joe masks yet

A Birmingham student is being featured on national billboards to mark the NHS’ birthday

‘It’s all a bit of a blur’

These students have created a website to tell you where you can go on holiday this year

They are making a US and EU version too

‘Abhorrent and unacceptable’: UoB responds to the Brum-fress style page posting racist confessions

UoB are encouraging students to report the racist posts

‘Free from censorship’: an anonymous, Brumfess-style page posts racist and anti-BLM confessions

It was created earlier this week

Meet the Brum students helping supply 430 sets of scrubs to the NHS

They have helped supply 3000 scrubs bags too

‘The prices were the same’: This Brum student was one of the first back inside Primark

The Birmingham Tab spoke to one of the first shoppers to enter Primark

UoB is investigating the Birmingham student involved with the racist group chat

The student used a number of racial slurs in the group chat