Estella Gettins

Student Contributor

Estella Gettins
Birmingham University

Current affairs, politics, student life, student news, travel, social media, commentary, local news and events

  • Estella Gettins is an active student contributor for the Birmingham Tab, where she produces story ideas and creates article content
  • Estella creates relatable articles for Birmingham students that reflect student life and culture, as well as covering local news stories most relevant to the student body
  • Estella is interested in UK politics and its role in the media, as well as being a keen music lover, often attending live music and concerts


Estella as pursued her interests in politics and media here in the UK through her volunteering with a political party and article writing for the student newspaper at the University of Birmingham. She developed her understanding this on her study abroad in Hong Kong, gaining an insight into news media internationally.


Estella is in her final year of BA Political Science and International Relations at the University of Birmingham. She has completed at study abroad year at the City University of Hong Kong in 2022-23. She is currently working on a dissertation on the use of the media by right-wing populist parties in the UK.


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