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There are many reasons why 9am lectures are a blessing in disguise, let me tell you why

Hear me out.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a student in possession of a 9am lecture must be in want of an extra three hours in bed.

No human being is ever physically ready for a 9am; whether they didn't get an Uber home till 4am or if they were tucked up by 9pm watching Netflix. But here is a conclusive list of why you should welcome the dreaded 9am:

You have a reason to complain

If you have a 10am lecture and so much as mention it, a biology student will immediately tell you about their seven hour stint in the lab starting at nine on the dot.

But if you have a 9am lecture on Postmodernism? That's all a-okay, as you're in the position as those who are actually getting their money's worth from their degree.

You can treat yourself as a reward

You got up at the ripe old hour of seven to make it to a lecture you didn't particularly want to go to. If that's not a reason to buy yourself an extortionate latte from Starbucks then what is?

That student loan is there for emergencies: and the breach of human rights that is a 9am is definitely an emergency.

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You'll make your mum happy

Instead of seeing pictures of you in Pryzm with VKs in each hand on Facebook, your mum will love to have that good morning text from you saying that you are, in fact, out of bed and on your way to a lecture.

Awwww cute.

Your coursemates probably look as bad as you

Everyone lacks the willpower to turn down £1.50 Jagerbombs so you're all in the same boat.

You all have the same look on your faces as you try to keep last night's kebab down while trying to wrap your heads around transcendentalism.

What better way to be woken up by that guy's loud typing?

Every. Bloody. Time. You don't know what his notebook did to him to make him buy that Windows machine which literally sounds like a herd of horses, but you wish you could confiscate it.

You'll either be woken up by the thud of his typing or you'll be wide awake due to your growing rage.

You'll get a good seat because who the hell goes to a 9am?

You won't face the issue of turning up 30 seconds late and ending up sitting at the front and dislocating your neck in an attempt to see the PowerPoint.

Instead, there are plenty of empty seats due to those who made the wise decision of staying put in the comfort of their bed.