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We asked people from other unis what they thought of Brum students

don’t hate us cause you ain’t us x

We like to think, as UoB students, that we're known for our drinking talent, mad nights out at Fab, academic prowess, and for having a really beautiful clock tower ("Did you know that The University of Birmingham has the world's largest freestanding clocktower?" – you, to all your mates back home every Christmas).

But what do other uni students REALLY think of us? We asked students across the country to tell us what they think we're like.

Mollie, 20, Manchester

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"Birmingham has lots of very cool and edgy fit students who want to go into marketing."

Lucy, 20, Nottingham

"Really LOVE how the students like to imagine they're in London, from the installment of Big Ben 2.0 and the wave of vegan activists. So fab! So fresh!"

Sophie, 19, Sussex

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"If you think of Birmingham you just think scummy don't you?"

Ed, 19, Leeds

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"Great academic uni and thriving city. Fantastic campus as well as an international community. Well that's what I got from UCAS."

Jade, 20, BCU

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"It looks like a castle, not a uni."

Edan, 20, Cambridge

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"Literally no distinguishable features – essentially York but in the midlands and worse accents."

Lowenna, 20, Trent

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"Got a weird obsession with a tower for starters. Tbf that's all I know, that and the fact that people have sex under it."

His name is Old Joe and he is a CLOCK TOWER. Show some respect.