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UCU calls on Sir David Eastwood to stand down as Chair of the USS board

Is it closing time for Eastwood?

The University and College Union has formally asked Sir David Eastwood to step down immediately from his role as chair of the pension scheme Universities Superannuation Scheme.

The Vice Chancellor of The University of Birmingham has been a member of the USS board since 2007, but a letter from the UCU today has called for an end to this.

The UCU wrote a letter to the USS asking for commitment to meaningful action, also stating that it is "a travesty that student education is being heavily disrupted" by the strikes of union members.

The letter, which can be read here, asks that the demands of the union are seen to, including an inquiry into the dismissal of Jane Hutton.

UoB Masters student and founder of University of Birmingham Student Workers, Phoebe Gill, told The Birmingham Tab: "UCU’s call for the resignation of David Eastwood comes at a time of extremely high tension in higher education.

"Eastwood’s conduct regarding the dismissal of Jane Hutton is unacceptable, and his position as Vice Chancellor of our university is problematic in light of the abysmal treatment of staff and students here.

"We are reaching a crisis point, and it is only right for those responsible in higher education to be held responsible."

Strikes will continue this week.

The university have been contacted for comment.