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Here’s how to celebrate Halloween in Brum

get your spooky Selly on

You've done the costume party last weekend and have watched Hocus Pocus an unhealthy number of times. But now it's time for the big day itself. So what will you be doing this Halloween? We've put together a list of all the cool events taking place this Halloween, whether you're looking to get mortal on Broad Street, competitive at drunk bingo, or up for a wholesome pumpkin carving session.

Bingo Lingo – 30th October, The Mill

A firm favourite for its silly challenges and encouragement of early evening drinking, Bingo Lingo is back for a Halloween installment. Known for its weird prizes, great tunes, and twerk-offs, Bingo Lingo is perfect for a night out with a twist. It's also ideal for anyone unable to go out on actual Halloween night, as it's on the 30th, and for anyone who likes an early night and who shivers at the mention of a 4am finish. Tickets are still available here.

Pounded Halloween – 31st October, Nightingale Club

Gales is freaky at the best of times, and more so at Halloween. If Digbeth isn't your thing, Pounded will be, with £1 drinks all night and £5 entry. Turn up whenever for everything cheesy and freaky.

Tektu Area 51 Halloween Special – 31st October, Lab11

Storm Area 51 or just storm Trent Street. Tektu have promised aliens and mad scientists, and you're all being encouraged to embrace fancy dress. Tickets are sold out but you can look for people selling them on the event page or on Fab n Fresh, courtesy of the flakers among us.

Applebum Hip Hop Horror Show – 31st October, The Mill

For the hip hop fans and old school jams, Applebum is the perfect Halloween celebration. Rihanna, 2 Chainz, and Wretch 32 are a sample of some of the artists played. Again, tickets are sold out already, but no harm in keeping an eye out on Facebook groups.

Pumpkin Carving – 31st October, Warehouse Cafe

If you'd prefer a sober and wholesome Halloween, The Warehouse Cafe has you sorted. The cute vegetarian cafe near Digbeth is offering story telling, lucky cauldron dip, and the chance to carve your own pumpkin (you child) all for £2 each! Find out more here.

Fab n Halloween – 31st October, The Guild

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The obvious choice really, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Stumble over to the Guild in your tear-strewn face paint and broken angel wings for what is always guaranteed to be a good night.