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Birmingham students spent nearly £25 MILLION during Freshers’

alright big spender

How many VKs could £25million buy you? Enough to sustain a week of Freshers' events in Birmingham it would appear.

In research conducted by Yolt, an app dedicated to smart thinking money, it was found that students in Birmingham have spent a combined £25 million during the Freshers' period, at an average of £287 per student.

Yolt surveyed over 2000 students across the UK to crunch the numbers, and can conclude that Freshers' 2019 was a mad one.

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It's not all booze and bevs (and overpriced Lab11 entry) though, as the three largest aspects of that number covered groceries, university supplies, and socialising.

So how did Birmingham match up with other student cities? UoB students came in just above the UK average of £283 spent per student.

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