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BREAKING: UoB students on year abroad recalled from China following Coronavirus outbreak

The students were recalled last week from partner universities


The University of Birmingham has recalled students on their year abroad in China following the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country.

Partner universities hosting students on years abroad from UoB have closed until further notice, leading to 14 students being recalled back to the UK.

The university follows University of Liverpool in recalling their students from China.

Posters have been spotted around the university this week with advice to those who have visited Wuhan in the past fortnight to self-isolate and seek NHS guidance. Two emails have been sent out to the student body to update students on the state of the outbreak.

A spokesperson for the University of Birmingham told The Birmingham Tab:

“Partner universities in China made us aware that they were closed until further notice and as such the 14 students on a year abroad in China were recalled last week, many of whom had actually been travelling during the holiday period and had not been in China for a number of weeks. All are either now home safely or continuing their travels outside China and have been asked not to return to China until further notice. We are working to provide these students with alternate study abroad options.

“As is consistent with the latest Public Health England advice, these students have been advised that they should self-isolate if they experience any coronavirus-like symptoms and phone NHS 111.

“The University is regularly updating the advice to staff and students via the intranet and is in regular contact with students directly.”

We reported last week about the Aston student who was tested for Coronavirus, and the man in Harborne who is still hospitalised at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

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