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Coronavirus might be in Birmingham and people are freaking out

better get the hazmat suits out lads

A video on Twitter is suggesting that the coronavirus has come to Birmingham, after official warnings have been issued by the UK health department about the disease.

In a video posted on Twitter Monday afternoon, a man was escorted by paramedics in hazmat suits from his home in Harborne, not far from the University of Birmingham campus.

The man in question was wearing a face mask and hoodie, whilst three paramedics accompanied him into an ambulance.

The clip in question has been viewed almost 140,000 times. However, although many people are freaking out about the suggestion of the disease in Birmingham, several people have pointed out that the fact that only one paramedic was wearing a hazmat suit probably indicates a low risk.

According to the Daily Mail, the Department of Health has 'not ruled out' the possibility that the patient was suspected of having coronavirus.

The West Midlands Ambulance Service has refused to comment.

The risk of coronavirus has been reported at university campuses across the UK. Advice has been issued to students at Exeter, Lancaster, Bristol and Glasgow, whilst just last week, students from coronavirus-infected Wuhan visited the University of Cambridge for a night out.

The virus is now confirmed to have infected at least 4,500 people, and has killed 106 people in China.