Nicole Donaldson

A new original Banksy has been unveiled in Birmingham

It’s highlighting homelessness at Christmas

Serious car crash along the Aston Webb Boulevard

Emergency services arrived quickly at the scene

UoB tells striking lecturers that picket lines are ‘trespassing’

Academics are calling it a breach of human rights

‘They’ll die for this cause if they have to’: UoB students in Hong Kong say they’re not ready to leave

‘The police are completely out of control’

UoB emails students in Hong Kong advising them to return home

They contacted students today to offer them support

Goats and free drinks: How unis are getting students to register to vote

This is what the Greeks dreamed of

The queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race are sashaying their way to Brum!

You better WERK

What your group Halloween costume says about you and your mates

None of you will be friends past second year

Plan a big UoB night out and we’ll tell you what degree result you’ll get

your mum will be so proud

Nominate UoB’s Maddest Fresher 2019 here!

Do you have what it takes to nab the title?

Meet UoB’s best dressed on campus: October edition

did someone call for some fashion icons?

UoB Guild reviewing sexual assault reporting system in response to Tab report

They’re pushing for a change in university legislation

I was raped by a Birmingham student and the uni only offered to send a letter to my attacker

‘The whole experience of dealing with the complaint was almost as bad as the night itself’

Two men armed with axes attempt break-in of a Selly Oak cannabis farm

It was likely a targeted attack

There’s a power cut in Selly and everyone is freaking out

It even affected students in the Tiverton Gym

The Tab Birmingham is recruiting, and we want you!

Come to the open meeting on 3rd October

PSA: Saying you don’t like being friends with girls is nothing to be proud of

It says more about you than them tbh

Farhan Chin isn’t going to be BNOC, and he’s okay with that

fArHaN Is aNd aLwAyS WiLl bE ThE PeOpLeS BnOc

Zoë Dixon is UoB’s biggest BNOC 2019!

I don’t think any of us were expecting that