Nicole Donaldson

Nicole Donaldson
Birmingham University


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‘Free from censorship’: an anonymous, Brumfess-style page posts racist and anti-BLM confessions

It was created earlier this week

This UoB student has started a petition to rename Old Joe in honour of Joe Lycett

The real hero of Birmingham

Which iconic UoB building are you based on your lockdown habits?

Please, anything but Muirhead Tower

Tell us how you’re spending lockdown and we’ll say which iconic Brum night out you are

Shaving your head is big Snobs vibes

University of Birmingham to offer final years discount on their Masters

Students will receive a discount of £1,500 on their fees

The Birmingham Tab is recruiting for its 2020-2021 Editorial Team

Positions available include: Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, Features Editor and Social Media Editor

Leaked UoB graduation plans include £20 ‘virtual handshake’ with David Eastwood

It comes after traditional summer graduation plans have been disrupted

Breaking: Suspected case of coronavirus in Birmingham Business School

An email was sent from the head of the business school this evening

Coronavirus might be taking over, but Fab is still definitely not cancelled

Fab truly is the glue holding us all together

First year student has tested negative for Coronavirus

He was escorted away in an ambulance yesterday evening

A high speed, armed police chase has raced through Selly Oak

One man was allegedly tasered in front of uni gym.

UoB’s Guild of Students has officially declared a climate emergency

‘We can no longer delay action in tackling this crisis’

The Vivienne is headlining at the Guild and we are SHOOK

‘let’s go guueerls’

Coronavirus might be in Birmingham and people are freaking out

better get the hazmat suits out lads

A definitive guide to your all-nighter

so. much. redbull.

Worker killed on University of Birmingham building site

West Midlands Police are investigating

A new original Banksy has been unveiled in Birmingham

It’s highlighting homelessness at Christmas

Serious car crash along the Aston Webb Boulevard

Emergency services arrived quickly at the scene

UoB tells striking lecturers that picket lines are ‘trespassing’

Academics are calling it a breach of human rights

‘They’ll die for this cause if they have to’: UoB students in Hong Kong say they’re not ready to leave

‘The police are completely out of control’

UoB emails students in Hong Kong advising them to return home

They contacted students today to offer them support

Goats and free drinks: How unis are getting students to register to vote

This is what the Greeks dreamed of

The queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race are sashaying their way to Brum!

You better WERK

What your group Halloween costume says about you and your mates

None of you will be friends past second year

Plan a big UoB night out and we’ll tell you what degree result you’ll get

your mum will be so proud

Nominate UoB’s Maddest Fresher 2019 here!

Do you have what it takes to nab the title?

Meet UoB’s best dressed on campus: October edition

did someone call for some fashion icons?

Five UoB vegan Instagrams you didn’t know you needed

get ready for some serious food porn

UoB Guild reviewing sexual assault reporting system in response to Tab report

They’re pushing for a change in university legislation

I was raped by a Birmingham student and the uni only offered to send a letter to my attacker

‘The whole experience of dealing with the complaint was almost as bad as the night itself’

Two men armed with axes attempt break-in of a Selly Oak cannabis farm

It was likely a targeted attack

There’s a power cut in Selly and everyone is freaking out

It even affected students in the Tiverton Gym

The Tab Birmingham is recruiting, and we want you!

Come to the open meeting on 3rd October

PSA: Saying you don’t like being friends with girls is nothing to be proud of

It says more about you than them tbh

Farhan Chin isn’t going to be BNOC, and he’s okay with that

fArHaN Is aNd aLwAyS WiLl bE ThE PeOpLeS BnOc

Zoë Dixon is UoB’s biggest BNOC 2019!

I don’t think any of us were expecting that

Vote for UoB’s biggest BNOC 2019: The Final

bigger than the Champions League Final tbh

Vote for UoB’s biggest BNOC: Heat Four

serve them up some humble pie x

Vote for UoB’s biggest BNOC: Heat Three

more famous than I’ll ever be

Vote for UoB’s biggest BNOC: Heat two

Stay humble guys x

Vote for UoB’s biggest BNOC 2019: Heat One

it’s back and braggier than ever

Nominations are now open for UoB BNOC of the Year 2019!

Attention all BNOC’s…

You’re not being edgy, you’re just being a dick: Calling time on Sleepy UoB

They’re only sorry they got caught

Primark is launching online shopping and I’ve never been more excited

No more queuing!!

Cardiff Uni spends almost £8million on ‘gagging order’ settlement agreements

Experts say that these NDAs are silencing victims

Don’t freak out but Burger King are giving out free burgers TODAY

All you have to do is download the app!!

How to get 250 Insta likes on your diss hand-in pic, by people who’ve done it

Who needs a first when you’ve got a Huji filter?

Why the holidays are the absolute best time to be in Selly

Imagine actually getting a seat in the library for once

The Hunna have been announced as the Valefest headliner!

?I can hear the ’75, you know it’s our tune…

If Brooklyn 99 characters went to a British uni, this is what they’d be like

Jake Peralta is a bit of a BNOC, isn’t he?

What your favourite Selly Oak supermarket says about you

A highly scientific analysis

We spoke to the UoB student who won £3,550 on BBC’s Catchpoint

That would buy 710 Fab tickets!

Tickets for Valefest 2019 are now on sale!

Early bird tickets have already sold out

This UoB student had his car burnt down, so he’s started a GoFundMe to cover the costs

A brand new meaning to ‘Hot Wheels’

UoB students stand in solidarity with Christchurch victims and the Birmingham Mosque attacks

There was an ‘overwhelming’ amount of support

UoB Guild of Students announce that they will be making drug testing kits freely available to students

This is part of their wider Harm Reduction Campaign

Bran Stark had to have a police escort whilst attending UoB

oops, our bad hun x

We asked drunk girls in the Stues toilets incredibly deep questions about politics and… wow

Can Brexit be solved with a bottle of Lambrini?

Someone is posing as this UoB graduate on Tinder, and manipulating their matches

The catfish is emotionally manipulating their victims

Loads of UoB societies are getting a weird anti-Semitic conspiracy email and none of them know why

One group described it as ‘entirely bizarre’

This International Women’s Day, we asked for your most extreme stories of female solidarity and friendship

Just girls supporting girls

Pro-Life Student Group approved by the University of Birmingham Guild

The group was approved by the Guild this month

Two men harassed in second antisemitic incident in Selly this week

It happened on Raddlebarn Road on Wednesday evening

‘Ah, so you’re an Auschwitz boy then?’: UoB student subject to antisemitic abuse outside Fab

There has been a rise in antisemitism on campus

‘Guilt-tripped’: English students react to lecturer’s email

“Not all English students are lazy.”

‘It exploded and sparks went everywhere’: UoB student attacked by firework on Tiverton Road

The latest in a series of violent incidents in Selly Oak