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Breaking: Hazmat suits enter Tennis Courts student accommodation

The reason for their visit has not yet been confirmed

Paramedics in hazmat suits were seen entering Tennis Courts halls of residence last night, in footage obtained by The Birmingham Tab.

Their specific reason for visiting the student has not yet been confirmed.

A video has been circulating showing a group of students seeing an ambulance pull up outside the halls on The Vale, and two people in hazmat suits entering Tennis Courts.

This comes after a university-wide email sent out yesterday informed students “we will not penalise any student who chooses to go home or to absent themselves from classes while we are still operating.”

The University of Birmingham told The Birmingham TabĀ “We understand everyone is concerned about COVID-19 but can confirm at this time there are NO confirmed cases among our staff and students. It is our policy to tell staff and students should we have a confirmed case. In addition, if we did have a confirmed case, Public Health England would take over and direct us in terms of appropriate action. Please continue to visit FAQs for the latest advice and information.”