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Machete fight in Birmingham cinema leads to arrest of 13 year old girl

The brawl broke out on Saturday afternoon

A thirteen year old has been among five arrested after a machete fight broke out at a cinema in Birmingham yesterday evening.

The brawl broke out just after 5:30pm at Vue Cinema in Star City, Birmingham, and is understood to have involved up to 100 teenagers.

A girl aged 13, a girl and boy both aged 14, and a 19-year-old man were all held on suspicion of assaulting police. A boy aged 14 was held on suspicion of obstructing police. Police also removed two machetes and a knife from the scene, according to the BBC.

The incident led to the injuring of several of the police officers who arrived at the scene, sustaining minor facial injuries.

Supt Ian Green, from Birmingham Police, told The Daily Mirror: “This was a major outbreak of trouble which left families who were just trying to enjoy a night out at the cinema understandably frightened.

“We worked quickly to move the crowds on, but were met with a very hostile response and officers had to draw Tasers to restore order.

“Thankfully, the injuries to our officers were very minor. We’ve also recovered two machetes and a knife, and it’s clear that some of those who went to Star City last night were intent on causing trouble.

Vue has since pulled the film Blue Story from their cinemas.