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BREAKING: Hazmat suits spotted on Dartmouth Road

The reason for their visit has not yet been confirmed

Hazmat suits were spotted on Dartmouth Road on Friday morning at approximately 7:45am.

Their specific reason for visiting the student has not yet been confirmed.

It is not yet clear what road the patient was on, although the ambulance was parked at the entrance to Totnes Grove.

Yesterday we broke the story of a student being taken to hospital from Tennis Courts by paramedics in hazmat suits, but he has since tested negative for Coronavirus.

The university’s advice continues to be: “We understand everyone is concerned about COVID-19 but can confirm at this time there are NO confirmed cases among our staff and students. It is our policy to tell staff and students should we have a confirmed case. In addition, if we did have a confirmed case, Public Health England would take over and direct us in terms of appropriate action. Please continue to visit FAQs for the latest advice and information.”