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UoB ranked 13th UK university and 5th for Physics and Music in the Complete University Guide

We’re up two spots from last year!

The Complete University guide have released the rankings for 2020, and The University of Birmingham are up two spots from last year, pulling in at 13th.

Despite sitting just below Midlands rivals Warwick in 12th place, Birmingham has ranked higher than Leeds, Manchester, and Bristol, adding to our claim to being the true UoB.

UoB has the best Graduate Prospects, Good Honours and Academic Services Spend scores in the West Midlands.

However, UoB weren't too hot on student satisfaction, drawing in a 4.01/5.00. Looks like all those skipped lectures, dissatisfaction with VCQT, and lack of study spaces haven't boded too well for our dear institution.

American Studies students can celebrate spending their fifth year at the top spot for their subject!! (let them have their moment guys, they won't be celebrating much once their year abroads over and they're in the big wide world)

Also due congrats for letting us gloat to Bristol are Physics (fifth), Creative Writing (third), Sports Science (seventh), Drama (fourth), Music (fith), and Physiotherapy (fourth).

If you're bummed your course fell from great heights, just remember that we're also home to the three fittest female uni students in the country, so it's not all bad.

You can check out the full Complete University Guide here.