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Just a quick round up of all the things that happened at Warwick Uni in 2017

It’s not all bad

Whilst 2017 seems to have been a year of doom and despair in the world, Warwick has provided its share of legends. We've had some real highs and some pretty bad lows, but the Tab is here to help you relive it all.

Warwick SU finally bagged a week 0

Sadly, the win won't affect many students currently at Warwick since it won't come into effect until the 2018/19 academic year. But, we're finally becoming a slightly more normal university and our freshers will actually get a lecture free Freshers Week.

Whilst the rest of us had to suffer through 9 am's throughout Freshers, at least the legacy we leave will be a positive one.

We won Varsity, again

Well of course.

Gerry Lianos was named your BNOC 2017

In this year's intense and dramatic conpetition, many of the candidates were well worthy of the long sought after award. But, with a landslide vote, Gerry Lianos was lucky enough to be crowned this year's Warwick BNOC. The lucky winner commented that he felt 'honoured' at being given the historic title.

A Warwick student wrote a whole dissertation about Beyonce

Sociology third year, Molly, based her entire thesis on our queen bee, putting all our other boring ideas to shame. She did us proud, discussing feminism in Beyonce's lyrics and truly honouring herself and our university.

Warwick had potentially the shittiest Summer festival going

Students were left disappointed and extremely angry after paying up to £40 for tickets for the event that then refused to provide water in 28 degree heat. The night did apparently improve after the initial shock, however it still did not live up to many students' expectations. Stick to Smack seems to be the lesson from this.

The SU were finally victorious in the bus pass war

After countles arguments between Warwick SU and Stagecoach, the company finally saw our point of view.

All hail the SU.

Warwick mourned for aspiring politician and former student Alexander Paul

Theresa May later paid tribute to the aspiring politician who died in June of this year after being diagnosed with a stage four brain tumour. A valued and loved member of the Warwick community and groups such as Warwick Hip Hop and Entrepreneurs society. A crowdfunding page was set up to help fund life-saving treatment for the student in Germany and it beat its target of an incredible £50,000.

Sadly, Alexander passed away in June of this year, but continues to be missed.

Alleged racism in the Law department was uncovered

Investigations were carried out after claims were made by a second year law student that a careers officer told her that black individuals disadvantage themselves by handing in applications later.

In response to the claim, the university assured us that investigations were underway.

A lecturer shared his opinion on Brexit

It was welcomed with open arms by students who even went on to produce "Brexit it shit" t-shirts. The politics lecturer, Steven Kettell started the first year Politics lecture by mocking the Daily Mail's "witch hunt for remainer universities."

At least nobody can say that our lecturers don't have a sense of humour- if only all lectures were this exciting.

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Warwick was voted the third most boring uni in the country

We tried to argue, but somehow Warwick was still voted the third most boring university in the country this year, after Durham and the University of Highlands and Islands. Honestly the voters must never have experienced the wonders of Disco Dave on a Wednesday night after an incredible circle, but there we go.

Rootes Freshers hired a bouncer for some lit pres

And people say Warwick is boring? Yet…

Our beloved koan was lost to the dark side

Uproar ensued after the plastic cone that we all bow down to like it is some form of God, was moved to the Gibbet Hill campus earlier this year. A part of us has definitely been lost and Warwick campus truly is not the same without this marvel in our midst, but we try to move on as best we can.

But it still managed to inspire a phenomenal Halloween costume

Yes, one legend of a Warwick student actually dressed up as the Koan this halloween. Whilst we may be unable to track down the name of this outstanding individual, we honour his commitment to the night and to Warwick's beloved masterpiece.

Kishore Kumar was crowned Warwick's Most Eligible Bachelor 2017

The Smack-loving second-year student scooped the prestigious award and promised to buy all his voters drinks when he catches them out in smack.

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Warwick started building multiple new buildings, none of which meant more study space

After years of pleas from stressed out students asking for more space to study on campus, the university answered our prayers.

By announcing the building of a brand new arts building and a brand new sports building! So not at all what we asked for. Another great example of Warwick being Warwick, thanks again Wozza.