Warwick has beaten Coventry in Varsity 2017

We have won for the 27th year running

Men’s Hockey have beaten Coventry 7-2 tonight, from being 2-1 down at half time, meaning that Warwick University have secured enough points to win Varsity for the 27th year running and remain unbeaten.

Ted Crowson, the Warwick Sports Officer has said: “It’s exhilarating – a feeling of overriding euphoria. Varsity is one thing I’ve been desperately trying to not lose in the past 22 years!

“The character of #teamwarwick to come back in a number of matches – basketball, futsal& ultimate frisbee – has been particularly exciting about this year’s competition. Coventry have played incredibly, which has made for a real spectacle once again this year.”

He joked at the end: “Can we have the number for that bus company please?”

Image credits to Warwick Sport.