Charlotte Spear

Strike demonstrations finally happened on campus today

They even had flares

Just a quick round up of all the things that happened at Warwick Uni in 2017

It’s not all bad

Good news! Undergraduate degrees will soon be £5,000 cheaper

Finally some good news on tuition fees

Warwick, please stop shitting on my humanities degree

We pay £9000 too, you know

40 per cent of sexual assaults at Warwick occur in The Copper Rooms

As revealed by The Tab’s recent sexual assault survey

We asked the hot Warwick rowers what they look for in a girl

Yes, we asked if they’re single

‘The Beast’ is coming to Kasbah next Friday

Bring on the chaser

Four Warwick students were assaulted in a South Leamington park last night

The perpetrators remain at large

Students from other unis told us what they really think of Warwick

‘Either really fit or extremely average’

Just a handy guide for every Friends episode to watch according to your mood

Could I be anymore upset

Netflix’s To The Bone is a romanticised, unrealistic portrayal of what it is really like to have anorexia

The love story overshadows the complexity of an eating disorder

Work experience takes over Southern Rail’s Twitter to give people something to smile about for once

No h8 here

Your Warwick BNOC of the Year 2017 is Gerry Lianos

It was a landslide victory

BNOC of the Year 2017 nomination: Gerry Lianos

‘A genius with a flair for the moronic’

Weird AF, but there’s going to be a huge Icelandic chant on the Piazza tomorrow

The chant starts at 1pm

Here’s everything fun happening in Warwick for the end of term

Party time

Shy FX is performing at Kasbah in June

He will be performing on June 17th

This Warwick third year wrote her whole dissertation on Beyoncé

All hail Queen B

Warwick will be given funds to address sexual harassment on campus

The program is worth £2.45m

Dance is actually the most difficult sport there is

It is both physically and mentally strenuous