Kasbah responds to concerns over consent for their ‘Kiss Cam’ event

They feel that the ‘moral police’ have put a twisted interpretation on it

A week ago, Kasbah posted on Facebook advertising their ‘Kiss Cam’ event, which was held on the 11th of November, where the aim was to get filmed kissing someone around you in order to win free drinks.

A Warwick student commented on the post, voicing her concern over consent.


The Coventry nightclub has responded by issuing a statement:

“The kiss cam is a fun event which has been used extensively at sports events especially in America to enhance the ‘fun’ in a social gathering. We first introduced it as a part of our club night last academic year and it went down a storm. The students loved it. No one was hurt or felt humiliated or saw any reason to complain.

“Now we have a few individuals who have taken it upon themselves to become the moral police and put their own twisted negative depraved interpretation on what is nothing more than students having fun on a night out in a controlled environment. Not only that but the venue has four rooms and the kiss cam event itself is only in one of the rooms so if a person feels uncomfortable then they can step into one of the other areas.

“The promotional material was actually written by one of our female promotional staff and nowhere is there a suggestion that anyone, male or female, should force themselves on another individual. To take the view that this encourages men to somehow attack females for a kiss is itself sexist and rather demeaning towards men. The complainers in this case all appear to be pushing their own personal agendas.

“The female writer only asks the question “would you kiss a munter for a drink?”. How that becomes encouragement to commit an attack on another person is beyond our understanding.”