It’s time everyone admitted that Westwood is the best halls

‘Step aside Bluebell, we could fit a whole floor in just one of our rooms.’

You waited three months for your accommodation offer, you’ve been through the trauma of A-Level results and you’ve watched all your friends get their first choice accommodations. You thought that surely you will get Rootes too, but when you got that all important email, your heart dropped because it said Westwood.

A month and a half has passed and you have realised that you were completely wrong about Westwood. So here are all the reasons why we call Westwood the ‘Bestwood’.

All the rooms and kitchens are huge

The kitchen parties are great, plus it becomes even better when you can get the whole block in your room and dry your washing in the corner at the same time. There’s space to just throw your stuff on the floor after a long day and not fall over it when you stumble in after a long night, or if you’re a neat freak, there’s plenty of floor space to admire when it’s all clean and tidy. Step aside Bluebell, we could fit a whole floor in just one of our rooms.

Everyone’s really fun


For those people who want to party until 4 am every night and sleep until 4 pm everyday, Westwood is the perfect choice. There is no other place you can sesh as hard as you can in the Westwood kitchens. And for those of you who like to get an early night and spend the day working, we can’t cater for you. Sorry not sorry.

The residential staff are so nice

Arrivals was scary, but it’s great to have a friendly face when you arrive and the residential staff are certainly that! From saving you when you lose your keys on a night out, to giving you tips on how to make the best sweet potato chips, they’re always there when you need them. Ray bae will never let you down!

It keeps you fit


No need to spend half your student loan on a Warwick sport membership, live at Westwood and you will get all the exercise you need. With a 20 minute walk to and from campus each day, you’ll have ‘Westwood Legs’ before you know it! It’s alright, you get used to the freezing temperatures walking back from a night out, and it’s only five minutes from Tesco. Who wants to be close to the library when you can be close to all the food you could ever want?

Sharing four showers between 24 people isn’t all bad


That’s why there are sinks in the rooms! No, I’m joking, but seriously you never have to queue, no matter what time of day it is, there’s always at least one shower free, when they’re all working. Admittedly, when you lose two showers because of flooding, it does cause some problems, but that’s okay, it’s made up for by the drama you get when there’s water pouring through the ceilings into the floor below, it makes for a bit of fun!

Our disgusting kitchens rival the ones over at Rootes

Kitchens are cleaned twice a week and bathrooms are cleaned every day, so you’d think that it would be pristine. In reality you spend half of your time trying to find your pan, just to realise that someone else has used it and scratched it and the other half trying to clear a space at the table so that you can eat. It all adds to the university experience!


It’s so much cheaper than most halls on campus

Why pay £170 a week for Bluebell when you could pay £100 at Westwood and get a bigger room and a shorter walk to Tesco? If you’ve got the extra money to spend, surely you want to be spending it on going out, joining societies and buying some new friends with drinks? You’ll never be short of things to do and people to talk to in such big halls, so you definitely get a lot for your money.

Next time you take the piss out of someone living at Westwood, just know that their halls are probably way better than yours.