Leamington Spa to host a gin festival

The event is hosted by Gin Festivals UK

Gin Festivals UK is coming to Leamington Spa on 1st April, bringing with them 120 different gins from all over the world.

The news of the event has already sparked the interest of over 1.3 thousand people on Facebook. The event is being organised into a daytime slot (12:00-16:00) and an evening slot (16:00-21:00).

Tickets include a free gin bag, gin bible, gin glass, gin sampling card, trade stands, talks and presentations, cocktail demos, make your own gin, live entertainment and an indoor garden party atmosphere.

The bar will work through a token system, each token costing £5. One of these tokens will buy one measure of gin, a mixer and a garnish. Gin Festivals UK’s last show happened in Notting Hill, London.

First year Classical Civilisation student Wizzie Yeats said: “I’m so excited. This is potentially the best thing to have happened in Leamington. Gin is love, gin is life. See you there.”

The event is happening between 12:00 and 21:00 on 1st April 2017 and tickets are already available.