Just a handy guide for every Friends episode to watch according to your mood

Could I be anymore upset

Is it there a pivot in your mood? Are you in need of a break? Or just at a moo point in your life? No matter what it is, whacking on an episode of Friends will always sort you out. We’ve meticulously matched all your various moods to the best and most emotional Friends episodes there are.

Heartbroken – ‘The One with the List’

This episode is a rollercoaster ride of emotions for definite. Ross splits up with Julie and just when you think everything’s going to be great and Ross and Rachel are finally going to be together for ever, Ross screws up, again.

This is when you really get into it. You totally relate to Rachel because, after all, the break up definitely wasn’t your fault. Then “With or Without You” comes on and and the tears start. You grab a new box of tissues and sing your heart out.

In Love – ‘The One with the Prom Video’

If you didn’t cry or at least smile to yourself when you watched this episode, you have a heart of stone. Seriously, when we find out how cute Ross was when he got all ready to take Rachel to her prom, you just want to hug the poor guy. And if you’re in love, this is the perfect moment; it just makes you want to kiss your loved one with as much feeling and content as Rachel kisses Ross.

Buzzed to go out – ‘The One where the Stripper cries’

Monica and Rachel’s excitement at having a night out in this episode is truly something very special, and very real. The idea of a college party is, to them, the equivalent of that first night out after exam period, and it feels incredible. If you’re ready and waiting to go out, whether you’re counting down the minutes to pres or you’re desperate for a night out that just isn’t happening, this is the episode for you.

Hungover – ‘The One after Vegas’

You wake up totally confused, in bed with a guy that you definitely shouldn’t be sleeping with and with writing all over your face. Well, maybe not the writing part. But apart from that, in this episode, Ross and Rachel represent every student after a night out.

The sudden realisation that sitting up too quickly will feel like someone has thrown a brick at your head, then on top of that, your friends having to explain to you all the stupid things you did the night before. Watching this episode of Friends is exactly what you need if you’re feeling a bit fragile and need some loving support.

Hungry – ‘The One with the Birth Mother’

When you’re in this state, the last thing you want is someone taking your food. But then you can’t handle the ridicule and humiliation of being called greedy, simply because you want to finish your own plate of food.

Joey becomes an ally for you here. He reassures you that it’s okay to eat all of what you order, without sharing, particularly when you’re in this state of hunger.

Angry – ‘The One with Ross’s Sandwich’

So you’re getting a bit fed up, everything feels like it’s going wrong but, but you know what? It’s okay, you’re dealing, you’re seeing the positive and getting through it all. Then that one person does that one little thing that just sets you over the edge. Maybe someone drinks your Jäger, or, perhaps, steals your sandwich.

Ross represents every single one of us in this episode. If you really want to feel okay about your mood, watch the section where Ross has to explain to Chandler why he is so angry about his sandwich being taken – you just want them to understand!

Drunk – “The One where they all turn 30”

We’ve all experienced it. You’re absolutely buzzed to go out and pres are in full swing. Ring of fire didn’t go too well and you ended up with the dirty pint, again, and as a result, 20+1 isn’t working out for you either.

Just at that point, your mum FaceTimes. It’s alright tho, you just let it ring and pretend you’re busy revising hard. But after repeatedly phone calls, you are forced to pick up. I guess you could say this is the 2017 student version of Monica’s situation in this Friends episode. Of all the 30th birthdays, Monica’s has to be not only the most awkward, but the most relatable.