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We asked the hot Warwick rowers what they look for in a girl

Yes, we asked if they’re single


We've kept you waiting long enough and the time for Warwick Tab's interview with Warwick Rowers is finally here. We talked all about the Rowers' 2018 calendar, keeping fit and asked the question on every Warwick girl's lips: are you guys single?!

It's pretty brave to decide to go naked in front of a camera, why do you guys do the calendar?

It's part of the club culture and looked like fun but also it's raising money for Sport Allies and awareness against homophobia in sport which is great. We can’t justify getting naked for the sake of it but we can to break down barriers and fight against homophobia as it's easy for us as straight athletes, fighting for other people, not our own identity. We've had great feedback and support from others which encourages us to continue trying to make a change.

When are we going to get naked for charity if we don’t do it now?

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How do you get prepared for the calendar?

We train a lot on regular basis anyway but running up to summer we tend to have a stricter diet for regatta season as well as the calendar, but it's not that intense. We have two training sessions a day so about 20 hours per week of training is normal. We're also supposed to give up alcohol and have drinking bans for 1-2 weeks before any big event, as well as the calendar. People will ask "do you want to go out?" and it'll get to 9 pm and you're asleep!

Where did you shoot the calendar this year?

Part of the shoot was in the UK and part of it in Spain. It's easy to take naked photos in Spain because it's hot and sunny and we can have a good time. We used loads of different locations across the UK, like Philips House and Oxford Uni and near Gibraltar.

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What do you do off camera when you're shooting? Is there any time to enjoy the place?

There's lots of waiting around for photos to happen and so much time and energy goes into placing and making sure the pictures are perfect so we're always knackered afterwards. It's a nightmare, we think it's sorted then there might be a leaf in the wrong position and we have to shoot the whole thing again. It's not awkward though. There's an open door policy where some rowers live together, so we all saw each other naked before the calendar anyway.

What's the weirdest thing that happened whilst you were shooting?

We had to shoot each other with water guns whilst naked for one of the shots and it was weirdly refreshing but also quite distracting. How am I supposed to try and look nice when I’m being shot in the face with water?

I got bitten on my dick by a horse fly. It wasn’t fun at the time but it's a good memory I guess.

You have celebrity fans, right?

Yeah, every year we send calendars to our VIP fans like Stephen Fry, Boy George, Ian McKellar and Ollie Lock. We get great support on social media and we got to meet Kris Jenner and who was great and really encouraged what we're doing. It's great to be able to rely on these people and gives weight to our message since they have so much influence.

Do you get recognised now?

We've been approached by people saying they were fans in both Madrid and New York which is really cool. It can sometimes can be a bit creepy because not everybody reacts in a good way to it but on the whole it's pretty cool. We’re just normal people so anyone can chat to us.

Our nans are probably our biggest fans though. I give my nans a calendar every year and they love it. Nans were our first market when we started in 2009!

So time for the serious questions: Who here is single?

All of us!

What do you look for in a girl?

Anybody who wants me really! Okay, she has to be a nice person and needs to be fun. I don’t want boring nights in! She needs to make me laugh and obviously I have to be attracted to her, but she also needs to be nice and have a bit of character.

The Warwick Rowers 2018 Calendar is out now and you can get your copy here.

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