We asked Warwick students what their favourite Christmas songs are

It’s going to be Mariah isn’t it?

Tomorrow is the last day of term and as much as we all love uni, we can’t wait to go home and get into the holiday spirit.

So to get you in the Christmas mood, we asked you what you favourite Christmas songs are.

Hattie, First year, Global Development and Theatre and Alex, Third year, English Lit


Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ was a popular choice.

Alex, Second year, International Management and Patrick, Third year, Accounting and Finance


‘All I Want for Christmas is You’, the Enter remix ft Neidex and H

Christopher, Foundation Year Economics and Business Student


‘Coming Home for Christmas’

Leila, Third year, French Studies and Julie, Second year, PAISimg_4322

‘Jingle Bells Rocks’

Harri , Second year, English Student and Izzy, Second year, Sociology 


‘Last Christmas’

Tiago, First Year, Management


‘Jingle Bells’

Petra, First year, Management


‘Baby it’s Cold Outside!’

Amy, First year, Biomed 


‘Fairy Tale of New York’

Mehala, First year, Biochemistry


The classic ‘Little Donkey’

Our SU president, Luke Pilot


‘Stay Another Day’

Merry Christmas Everyone!