Four Warwick students were assaulted in a South Leamington park last night

The perpetrators remain at large

Four Warwick students were attacked in a park in South Leamington, off Westlea Road at 22:30 on Friday night, by a group of three drunk men in their early-to-mid-twenties.

The students, who prefer to remain anonymous, told The Tab Warwick, they were sat on a bench in the park, a popular walk through for many Warwick students, when the men, began shouting at them, "get the fuck out my area bruv".

After the men screamed at them to "run", three of the students did. The fourth, frozen to the spot in fear, was then pushed to the ground by one of the men, before another punched him twice in the mouth, leaving him covered in blood.

The three men, all dressed in tracksuits, then chased the students away for a short time, before leaving them and returning to the park.

One student involved stated that: "It was very shocking because it's always something you see on TV or read about but you never think you'd ever experience it.

"I wanted to share the story so that students would be aware of the threat and be careful when walking through the park at night or alone."

The incident is being reported to the police and campus security but, as of yet, the men remain at large.