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Warwick, please stop shitting on my humanities degree

We pay £9000 too, you know

Humanities at Warwick get a lot of stick, but just because we're not competing for a Spring Week internship, it doesn't mean we're not working hard.

The life of a humanities' student is more than just sitting around between the six hours of contact time we have a week- we work hard. When we're not reading we're probably sat feeling guilty about the fact that we're not reading one of the four texts for our next seminar.

There's a huge amount of independent study that goes into a humanities degree and to be honest, it's actually a lot of stress, so give us a break.

Look at the state of the building

Can we all please for one minute compare the maths building and the humanities building. Broken shutters, ugly bricks and I could crawl up the stairs quicker than waiting for the lift. We pay for education not environment, granted, but it would be quite nice to be able to not spend half our seminars waiting for tech to come and fix another broken TV. Or even worse, have the seminar tutor tell us that it is "always more successful when students run the seminar."

We want to get jobs as well pls

It's great being at Warwick, a university ranked in the top 100 university rankings in the world. But what would be even better is if we could go to one of Warwick's careers fairs and there actually be a stall there that humanities students could visit as well.

We get that you love WBS and you really want finance students to do well but maybe consider that we didn't just choose to do humanities because we love to commit our entire lives to writing essay after essay and running our own seminars.

No, we don't all want to be teachers

And on that note, there is more to life than teaching. Don't get me wrong, it's a great career and one which is absolutely necessary in today's society. However, that doesn't mean that every single humanities student at Warwick wants to go into teaching. In case you hadn't realised, there are other potential career paths for humanities students, so sorry to burst your bubble, but no, we do not all want to teach forever.

You have an assignment due in? Oh shit, I have four books to read for tomorrow

We all have a lot of work and this is not a competition. So why does everyone feel the need to make it into one. Or let me rephrase, why do non-humanities students feel the need to constantly put humanities students down because of workload? Please can we just stop complaining and let it go?

Just because I have no contact hours, doesn't mean I have no work

Yep, you're in five days a week, we're in three, humanities is a doss, why am I even writing this article? Actually no, there's a reason we have no contact hours. Because we actually have to do a shit tonne of preparation for our contact hours. We can't just roll out of bed and turn up at our lectures. In fact, if we don't do the preparation, there is absolutely no point in going at all.

On that note, we also don't have the luxury of being able to laze around in bed and catch up using lecture capture because, unfortunately, they don't lecture capture seminars (or most of our lectures actually). Plus, I'm paying £70 per contact hour which isn't fun so please don't add to my pain.

We have a reading week because we need it to read, get over it

No it's not a week off and no it's not like any other week where we don't have to do anything anyway. It's called a reading week, not a holiday, for a reason. So please stop complaining to me and just get over it.