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‘The Beast’ is coming to Kasbah next Friday

Bring on the chaser


Mark 'The Beast' Labbett will be in Kasbah, Coventry, for a meet and greet on Friday 10th November.

This chaser has appeared on the English, American and even Australian versions of the show. He is nicknamed 'The Beast' as a result of both his stature and his surname, as 'La Bete' is French for 'The Beast'.

Fourth year History student, Chris Haine commented: "It is weird that someone of seemingly such high intellect would want to spend an evening with drunk Coventry students.

"Maybe he should ask for a pay rise from ITV instead."

Meanwhile, second years were more excited, with Physics student Umar Khan commenting: "He's an absolute legend, I can't believe my dreams are finally coming true."