Students from other unis told us what they really think of Warwick

‘Either really fit or extremely average’

We may walk round our “top ten university” thinking we’ve made it, but it turns out, in terms of popularity as a student population, we’re not doing that great.

Maybe it’s the lack of nightlife or big city nearby, maybe it’s the Oxbridge reject stereotype, either way Warwick has got a pretty crappy reputation.

We asked students from universities across the UK for their honest opinion of Warwick students and it’s safe to say, we got mixed reviews:

Nathaniel Shatwell, Sheffield University

“A bunch of Oxbridge rejects whose ideal night out is listening to Vivaldi whilst reading the works of Shakespeare – they really know how to party.”

Emma Robinson, Lancaster University

“All the girls must be obsessed with either netball or horse riding and all the boys must like poker because it’s that sort of student population.”

Amy Grimwood, Bristol University

“No fucking nightlife and everyone wearing those varsity jumpers everywhere they go, so that everyone knows they do sport.”

Ivanna Li, Durham University

“Much like Durham, a load of Oxbridge rejects who enjoy taking the piss out of Cov. Also they try to make themselves feel cooler using the confusing concept of circling which seems to be the only incentive to join a sports team.”

Georgina Burgess, Loughborough University

“I went to Warwick castle once and had a great time. I didn’t know there was a uni there as well though. I don’t know who they are.”

Ellen Fielding, Southampton University

“Warwick are really clever aren’t they? But they’ve got shit nightlife.”

Ellie Ledwith, University of York

“They’re sound.”

Maddy Mussen, Coventry University

“Warwick students are either really fit or extremely average. They’re super hard working and smart but they still go mad in Smack on a Tuesday and I respect that. Overall they’re super nice and I deffo rate them.”