Sussex is paying students £500 because their course wasn’t good enough

The uni apologised in face to face meetings

Sussex student involved in car crash with the Duke of Kent

The student was left ‘completely stunned’ after road accident with the Duke of Kent

People are outraged after a camel showed up at Land Beyond Festival

Witnesses claim the camel looked ‘distressed’

Sussex SU shop is on fire

It has been confirmed that the fire started from a bin outside the shop.

Vegan activist arrested after covering London Road McDonald’s in fake blood

They wore pig masks and shouted ‘no excuse for animal abuse’

A nasty wrong’un did a poo on the floor of Sussex Library

It was literally right next to the toilet

It’s Sussex Pink Week! Here’s everything thats happening

Sussex is putting its breast foot forward for cancer awareness

There’s a campaign to get free buses to Sussex Uni

You can sign the petition

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Parties, pubs and food deals: A rogue email went around tons of Sussex students yesterday

It all started with ‘pls don’t change my password’

Sussex is having a pony and doggy ‘De-Stress Day’ on Friday

Ponies, horses and dogs at the ACCA

Adam Tickell says ‘dramatic change’ is needed to tackle bullying on Sussex campus

This follows a report published last August suggesting bullying dynamics had ‘become endemic to the Sussex culture’

Sussex Women’s Rugby 2019 Varsity fixture cancelled as game would be ‘too dangerous’

The game has been called off due to a ‘difference in standards of the teams’

‘Please help me’: Sussex student writes mental health plea in girls’ toilets

The graffiti says that university is ‘stressful and unsupportive’

Sussex University is making terms shorter next year

There will be shorter terms and more revision time

Sussex co-op introduces ‘Quieter Hours’

There will be no music during the time slots

Sussex sports teams come together for huge naked calendar

They’re taking their kits off for charity