WFFE have occupied the Slate on campus today

It’s in protest over the direction of higher education

Warwick For Free Education (WFFE) have occupied the brand-new conference facility on campus, the Slate, in protest of higher education today.

WFFE have taken further action to try to get their voices heard, “in protest against the disastrous direction in which higher education is being pushed, and our own institution’s complicity in that agenda.”

The group have three main demands:

  1. The University must opt out of the teaching excellence framework.
  2. The University must agree to Warwick Anti-Casualisation’s 6 demands for fair teaching conditions
  3. The University must scrap the protest injunction and apologise for their handling of the events of 3 December, 2014

The group said: “We cannot overstate the urgency of the political moment we find ourselves in. When so much is at stake, and when institutions fail to take necessary meaningful action, we are left with no choice but to deploy methods of direct action which have historically been so crucial in forcing progressive political change.”

Photo credit: Warwick SU.