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Somebody at Warwick actually dressed up as the Koan last night

This could be the best costume ever


Some people treat Halloween costumes as a last minute chore – where a touch of face paint and some fangs will suffice.

However for other people, a great costume can make them a hero and the talk of Halloween for years to come.

An unnamed, mystery Warwick student did exactly this and dressed up as the Koan for Halloween last night.

The legend was first spotted out on the streets, carrying a couple of beers with a group of friends. He later migrated to a house party, with the fragile costume surprisingly still intact.

In true koan style, he even incorporated blue strips of light:

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From this…

To this!

One Warwick student described the costume as "a defining moment in the history of our university."

Although the Koan may have been moved to a land far, far away (Gibbet Hill), it will never be forgotten.