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Warwick students are now selling ‘Brexit is Shit’ t-shirts inspired by the politics lecture last week

There’s even a £3 discount for Warwick students

Five first year international students have created their own company to sell politically punny T-Shirts, starting with 'Brexit is Shit'.

Steven Kettell, the Associate Professor responsible for the popularisation of the term due to his recent lecture, has told The Tab "It's the perfect Christmas gift for those Leave voters you no longer want to buy for."

The students came up with the idea after discussing how the issue of the UK leaving the EU affects their futures greatly.

They told The Tab that "after a lengthy discussion about the future of the UK, the lecture slides of Steven Kettell turning up on my newsfeed made us all have a laugh. We thought: Why should we always keep politics serious?"

The T-Shirt's sell for £12.90, with a £3 discount for all Warwick students. They have generated a lot of interest, with numerous pre-orders being made. The students commented on this that "we even had to file a second round of orders".

The five students who pioneered the idea consist of four WBS students and one History and Politics student. Most of them already run companies back at home in Germany and Austria, including an e-commerce online shop and a kayak building company.

They told The Tab: "we plan to continue our line of clothing and bring out more challenging, funny pieces. Stay tuned for more at Politexture on Facebook!"

For more information, and to order your T-Shirt click here.