Emily Ferguson
Emily Ferguson

Warwick History exams to be re-written as topics are dropped from the syllabus

The decision has been made due to the upcoming strikes

Exact plans for four weeks of staff strikes at Warwick released

What exactly are we paying £9000 for again?

Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette 2018 nomination: Jade Windle

She’s super flexible and great with her hands

These five super speedy workouts will get you fit this January

Hello abs

Warwick Careers Advisor cleared of racism claims

She allegedly told students that ‘black people disadvantage themselves’ back in October

The 2022 Commonwealth Games will be coming to Leamington Spa

Lawn bowls will be played at Victoria Park

The Warwick Rowers appeared on Loose Women this morning

Viewers are claiming its sexist and objectifies men

We asked our mums what fuckboys were like back in their days

Ah, so they’ve always existed

Warwick Uni Library made over £55,000 in fines last year

A huge decrease from £81,000 the year before

Transgender Warwick student receives abuse after going on University Challenge

One user called her a ‘hideous tranny’

Warwick’s Most Eligible Bachelor Nominee 2017: Rory Stoddart

“Your heart can’t help but melt”

Warwick uni is building a new £49 million sports hub

Warwick aims to be the fittest uni in the country

A new £22m student village is going to be built in Canley

Work will start in February 2018

We’ve all been thinking it, so which hot beverage is your uni?

Exeter is so Frappuccino it hurts

A sing-along of Toto’s Africa is happening on the piazza next week

It’s the can’t-miss event of the month

Warwick RAG are bringing First Dates to you

The time has come to find your fairytale romance

What it’s really like living above Kelsey’s

It’s a dream but also an absolute nightmare

Warwick students are now selling ‘Brexit is Shit’ t-shirts inspired by the politics lecture last week

There’s even a £3 discount for Warwick students

Exclusive: A Warwick Politics professor just used a ‘BREXIT IS SHIT’ slide in his lecture

In response to the Daily Mail’s ‘witch hunt for Remainer universities’

Warwick History department are now offering students ‘ket contacts’

Who said Warwick was boring?

This quiz will tell you which Warwick building you are based on your Halloween costume

Anything generic and boring is obviously Humanities