BREAKING: The Warwick Summer Festival is being reported as ‘one of the most poorly organised events’

Students feel ‘completely misled’

Warwick Summer Festival which is taking place at the Coventry Cathedral Ruins today, has been described as a ‘failure’ by some students who are currently there.

Reportedly, sealed water was confiscated at the doors and there was no free water available inside. Students have been outraged that the festival did not provide free water in 28 degree heat.

In addition, people are not allowed to re-enter the festival if they want to leave the premises.

Some have been live tweeting from the event saying that ‘security seems to be making it up as they go.’

Raw 1251AM, Warwick University Student Union’s official radio station, have tweeted: ‘Sadly, seems night club security and regulations have been plinked in to a festival with grave compatibility issues.’

They have also stated that seven bands are ‘not being paid for performing without knowledge’, which is information they claim to have received from a reliable source. They have later deleted this tweet.

First year student Charlotte has said: “The majority of people are literally just sat on their phones and people are just kind of standing around waiting for something to happen.

“I just heard someone say that they’re feeling very disappointed to have paid any money for this.”

Another student, Alex, has commented: “Students have been completely misled and it’s cost so much! Like even calling it a ‘festival’. It clearly isn’t a festival!

“And like the advertising of all the things there would be to do like fairground rides. And there’s nothing there. It’s basically just a prolonged gig.”

The headliner acts include Fuse ODG and Blonde, with tickets priced at £40 on the last release.

Students have also been writing on the Facebook event page, warning others to “stick in Spoons” as “the bar is over priced and they won’t let you leave and return despite the event description.”

Some are now reporting that the night seems to be improving as it goes on, because the event organisers have now started giving out free water. The official Facebook page has also issued an apology ‘for any confusion over water.’

However, people have been asking for refunds of the money ‘they were forced to throw away and forced to buy’ and complaining about the ‘worst customer service’ regarding re-entry to the festival.

Furthermore, some students remain critical of the event’s organisation, tweeting: ‘Basic human requirements should not take multiple hours to be provided #warwicksummerfestival.’

Moreover, there have have been issues regarding the free transportation, which was included in the ticket.

The last bus from Leamington Spa was at 5pm and students have been posting on the event to ask whether another will be provided as ‘too many people were on the last one.’

More information to follow.