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Warwick uni is building a new £49 million sports hub

Warwick aims to be the fittest uni in the country

The University of Warwick has announced that they will be building a new £49 million sports and wellness hub, set to open in 2019.

This is part of the university's aim to get "everyone active every day". It will be open to everyone; staff, students and the general public, aiming to "inspire and motivate" greater involvement with exercise.

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Photo Credits: Warwick Sport

The hub be one of the largest gyms in higher education, with more than 200 stations. This will include a high-performance strength and conditioning area, cardiovascular, weights and functional training area, dedicated group cycle studio and four fitness studios.

It will also include a 12-lane, 25m swimming pool with moveable floor, climbing walls, squash courts, football pitches, netball courts and a 12-court sports hall.

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Photo Credits: Warwick Sport

Lisa Dodd-Mayne, the director of sport and active communities at the university, said that, "this new hub isn’t just about sport, it’s about physical activity, health and wellbeing".

Third year Physics student James described the venture as a "welcomed change", telling The Tab that "I currently go to the uni sports centre gym four times a week and I think the re-development is needed."

The University is building the new sports hub, with the aim of being crowned the "most physically active higher education campus" in the UK by 2020.