REJOICE! Warwick is finally getting a lecture free Freshers’ week

After years of campaigning, we’re getting a week zero

Earlier today, Warwick University’s Sabbatical Office team announced that after a decade of campaigning, Warwick will be getting a week zero.

Warwick students will finally have a Freshers’ Week without any academic commitments, an issue which has plagued campus for over 10 years.

Week zero will come into effect from the 2018-19 academic year, an initiative which many Warwick students will gladly welcome.

The campaign for an academic-free Freshers Week has been ongoing, with successive Sabbatical Officer’s continually pledging a need for the current policy to change.

This year’s team has worked tirelessly to ensure the change, continually lobbying on the issue throughout term one. This has led to new cross-faculty support for week zero.

The Sabbatical Team wrote that the new initiative “will be vital in helping students adjust to the upheaval and stress of moving to University, as well as enabling better orientation around campus. A diverse programme of events will be in place to ensure the widest possible student participation during Welcome Week, while new and current students will no longer be forced to juggle academic commitments with club and society activities during the first week of term.”

Although the Team are disappointed that Week zero will not come into effect for the next academic year, they state that a series of interim and pilot processes will be put into effect.

History of Art finalist Diyora commented: “It’s about bloody time. I can’t believe they expected Freshers to go out and still make all of their 9ams.”