Hopeless second year calls US consulate after being kicked out of Why Not

It was a matter of national security


A  distraught Biomed second year was kicked out of Why Not last Monday night and called the American consulate eight times for help. 

Devin, who’s originally from LA, was kicked out of the George Street club last Monday for being too drunk.

She then proceeded to call the U.S consulate eight times to ask for help. It is not known what sort of assistance she was requiring, and the calls are believed to have gone unanswered.

Devin on the fateful night

Devin on the fateful night

The consulate’s phone lines are open from 9am-5pm, dealing with visa queries, passport services and all manner of day to day help.

Flares Monday at Why Not opens its doors at 10pm – five hours after the consulate’s phone lines close for the day.


Devin called the embassy eight times asking for help

Last week, Why Not had to cap entry by 11pm , due to the huge numbers trying to get in. Punters were turned away at the door because the club was close to exceeding it’s 700 clubber capacity.

US Embassy

The US consulate in Edinburgh

The American embassy coldly refused to talk about the case saying that: “She’s an American citizen, so without a privacy waiver, we won’t be commenting.”

This follows an incident two years ago, where a Chinese student called his consulate to ask for help because his room in Sciennes had a small leak.