Laura Williamson
Edinburgh Editor of The Tab

Edinburgh Uni to CLOSE at 1pm due to severe weather warning


Edinburgh just got its first ever RED ALERT from the Met Office for extreme snow

It’s a big coat day folks

All of the best signs from day one of Edinburgh’s pension strikes

All that glitters isn’t USS pension reform

Someone at Edinburgh’s university strikes has made a Three Billboards sign to protest against pensions cuts

There was also booing and shouts of ‘disgusting’ at the mention of the principal’s £342k salary

Edinburgh: Are you supporting the upcoming strikes? Take our poll

Yay or nay

Lecturer strikes could go on until June, disrupting Edinburgh dissertations and examinations

Better get emailing the uni

‘If you want to support the strike, work from home’ and everything else you need to know about Edi’s upcoming strikes

You asked and EUSA actually delivered

George Square Lecture Theatre to be renamed in honour of Gordon Aikman

The ‘Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre’ recognises the work of the motor neurone disease campaigner

Meet the Edinburgh student who’s been to The Big Cheese over ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY times

He’s now doing his PhD

Only 11 unis have lower student satisfaction with their mental health services than Edinburgh

According to our Mental Health Rankings 2017

Sir Salter Scott, Grittie McVittie and Ready Spready Go: Exploring Scotland’s ice gritter names

You can even track them online

We want you to write for The Tab Edinburgh this semester

Imagine having the power of deciding who makes Wanker of the Week

Controlled explosion carried out by bomb squad near Edinburgh castle

Police are appealing for information

Edinburgh the best place to live if you’re young and broke

*Frantically checks if student finance has gone into my account yet*

Edinburgh Uni didn’t fail a single finalist in 2017

But that doesn’t mean our degrees are guaranteed

A collection of Twitter’s most savage take-downs of Edinburgh Uni students

Um wow ok

Edinburgh’s new vice-chancellor condemned by staff for allegedly failing to ‘protect academic freedom’

He starts in February

A roundup of the BIGGEST things that happened in Edi in 2017

A lot can happen in a year

Edinburgh business exam fiasco as examiner’s phone goes off mid-exam

Do they get disqualified?

Everybody panic because the library AND Hugh Rob are shutting for 24 hours on Sunday

Awks if you have an exam on Monday