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Edinburgh Uni to CLOSE at 1pm due to severe weather warning


Edinburgh just got its first ever RED ALERT from the Met Office for extreme snow

It’s a big coat day folks

All of the best signs from day one of Edinburgh’s pension strikes

All that glitters isn’t USS pension reform

Someone at Edinburgh’s university strikes has made a Three Billboards sign to protest against pensions cuts

There was also booing and shouts of ‘disgusting’ at the mention of the principal’s £342k salary

Edinburgh: Are you supporting the upcoming strikes? Take our poll

Yay or nay

Lecturer strikes could go on until June, disrupting Edinburgh dissertations and examinations

Better get emailing the uni

‘If you want to support the strike, work from home’ and everything else you need to know about Edi’s upcoming strikes

You asked and EUSA actually delivered

George Square Lecture Theatre to be renamed in honour of Gordon Aikman

The ‘Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre’ recognises the work of the motor neurone disease campaigner

Meet the Edinburgh student who’s been to The Big Cheese over ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY times

He’s now doing his PhD

Sir Salter Scott, Grittie McVittie and Ready Spready Go: Exploring Scotland’s ice gritter names

You can even track them online

We want you to write for The Tab Edinburgh this semester

Imagine having the power of deciding who makes Wanker of the Week

BBC confirms there’s going to be a second season of Clique

Filming begins in February

Controlled explosion carried out by bomb squad near Edinburgh castle

Police are appealing for information

Edinburgh the best place to live if you’re young and broke

*Frantically checks if student finance has gone into my account yet*

Edinburgh Uni didn’t fail a single finalist in 2017

But that doesn’t mean our degrees are guaranteed

A collection of Twitter’s most savage take-downs of Edinburgh Uni students

Um wow ok

Edinburgh’s new vice-chancellor condemned by staff for allegedly failing to ‘protect academic freedom’

He starts in February

A roundup of the BIGGEST things that happened in Edi in 2017

A lot can happen in a year

Edinburgh business exam fiasco as examiner’s phone goes off mid-exam

Do they get disqualified?

Everybody panic because the library AND Hugh Rob are shutting for 24 hours on Sunday

Awks if you have an exam on Monday

The worst crimes people commit in the Edinburgh Uni library lifts


Professor sacked from Heriot-Watt over sexual assault allegations

Police have also launched an investigation

How to deal with your dodgy-ass Edinburgh landlord, by the people who’ve got their deposit back

…or agency, tbh

Nominations are now open for Edinburgh’s Best Lecturer 2017


MSPs evacuated from Holyrood after ‘incident’

There are reports that a number of suspicious packages have been found

Britain’s most famous sober raver, Bradley Gunn, is coming to Hectors tonight

He once raved for 38 hours straight completely sober

Tryouts for Edinburgh’s University Challenge team start Wednesday

Could you be the new Ted Loveday?

Police launch murder inquiry after 21-year-old fatally stabbed on Seel Street

The incident occurred in Empire Bar

‘We apologise for these errors, and for the distress caused’: The Times finally apologises to Esme Allman

Her inbox was full of people calling her an ‘ISIS sympathiser’

Take a look at this letter J. R. R. Tolkien sent to Edinburgh Uni just weeks before he died

He wrote that his visit to Edi Uni made him feel like a hobbit

Police appealing for witnesses after spate of indecent incidents in New Town

Three incidents took place on Friday morning

Manhunt after 23-year-old woman indecently assaulted near Edinburgh Uni

The attack occurred on Rankeillor Street on the early hours of Sunday morning

If you can’t pass this Edinburgh Uni test, then how are you here?

Get to Napier

Remembering the time Boris Johnson ran to be rector of Edinburgh and came THIRD

A Tory MP has just roasted him about it at the Conservative Party Conference

The Tatler Guide to Edinburgh Uni is out and it’s obviously incredibly tragic, darling

“John Burnett is rumoured to be the most expensive digs in Europe, which is why it’s the realm of Russian princesses.”

The Tab’s guide to what’s happening in Edinburgh: Week One

So. much. Kanye.

Two people treated for smoke inhalation after fire starts at Potterrow

It’s unclear whether tonight’s event will still go ahead

Pleasance gym announce extended opening hours from September

Now you’ve got no excuses

Sir David Attenborough is coming to Edinburgh this August

But is there gonna be a Planet Earth 3 tho

22-year-old man charged over Edinburgh sexual assault

The man is expected in court on Wednesday

Lord Buckethead is performing at Bongos tonight


How the election night unfolded in Edinburgh

Never. trust. the. pollsters.

World rankings: Edinburgh a TOP 25 university

…and the best in Scotland, but we knew that already

Edinburgh: Tell us who you’re voting for tomorrow

It’s the final poll

Royal Mile voted prettiest street in Scotland

And second prettiest in the UK

Armed police patrols have been ‘doubled’ in Edi since Manchester attack

Police are reviewing every upcoming public event

Scottish Defence League announce Edinburgh demonstration

The march is set to take place on June 25th

With less than a month to go, this is who students in Edinburgh are voting for

You may be surprised

Someone has set up an Instagram for pictures of Canada Goose-wearers in Edinburgh

Who’s still wearing an Arctic coat in May tho?

A George Street bar is making a Pornstar Martini that holds an entire bottle of prosecco

Make that two pls

Edinburgh: Who are you voting for? Take our poll


Meet the student photographer capturing Edinburgh like you’ve never seen it before

‘Long story short, we ended up rushing down stairs with security close behind, and running as fast as we could. The adrenaline was just mad.’

Edinburgh second in the WORLD for quality of life

We all know Hive has a big part to play in this

Edinburgh and Glasgow landlords offer students ‘free’ flats in exchange for sex

“Instead of taking any money we can discuss another way you could show me your appreciation.”

Literally just a list of the worst comments the Tab Edinburgh has received this year

U ok hun?

Napier student starts petition to ‘end discrimination’ against English students in Scotland

She’s being denied up to £10,000 in loans which Scottish and EU students are entitled to

What they didn’t tell you about coming to Edi Uni but probably should have

You could go four years without hearing a Scottish accent

Edinburgh’s principal reassures students as Theresa May triggers Article 50

He spoke particularly about the plight of EU students

Home Office to deport Edinburgh grad who’s lived more than half her life in Scotland

Sign the petition now to #SaveChennanFei

Breaking news just in from the Daily Mail: WOMEN HAVE LEGS

It’s 2017 and they still don’t get it

Leith is among the Top 20 coolest places to live in the UK

And the second coolest in Scotland

Wave goodbye to that diet: There’s a Five Guys opening off Princes Street

Will it be open past 2 tho

The first trailer for Scottish university BBC drama ‘Clique’ is here

Sadly Hive was not to be seen

Edinburgh student rents are spiraling out of control – it’s time we started talking about it

We’re paying £100 per month more than four years ago

What they didn’t tell you before your history degree but probably should have

70% is like an A* and an Oxford offer rolled into one

Student found guilty of raping schoolgirl at Heriot Watt halls

The 21-year old has been placed on the sex offenders register

The best signs from Edinburgh’s Anti-Trump march

Damn Donald, back again with the white supremacy

Huge turnout for Scotland Against Trump march in Edinburgh

Thousands of people took part

Edinburgh now has a society dedicated solely to drinking Gin

It’s been a long time coming

Big Narstie is performing in Edinburgh on Monday

But will he do an Uncle Pain episode?

We want you to write for The Tab Edinburgh this year

Don’t hate us cos you ain’t us

Hallelujah! You can now buy pre-sale tickets for the Big Cheese

Dreams can come true

Edinburgh is one of the best starter cities for graduates

It’s the sixth most affordable

Stop everything! You can now use your card in Hive

Kiss that student loan goodbye

All the things Edinburgh could spend £40k on that aren’t nap pods

Hint: Literally anything else

Edi vet students to help homeless people and their pets

There are almost 2000 people living on the streets of Edinburgh

Studying at Edinburgh Uni is destroying my regional accent

Welcome to the rise of the Generic Uni Accent

Police renew appeal for missing student Antoine Maury

He has been missing since Monday 24th October

What you might not understand about ‘chav-themed’ nights

Let me break it down for you

WhyNot is hosting a ‘chav-themed’ night. Again

‘£100 cash for the best dressed chav’

Over 50% of Scots are priced out of live sporting matches

The 2015 Rugby World Cup was “the most expensive major sporting event of all time”

Are you Edinburgh’s Maddest fresher?

Nominations are now open!

Your fave Edi clubs according to Facebook reviews

Hive did surprisingly well

Measles outbreak in Edinburgh University

A special clinic is being set up on campus to give people the MMR vaccine

Quiz: Just how Edinburgh Uni are you?

If you don’t hate EUSA then why are you even here?

Why am I paying £9,000 for five contact hours a week?

It’s time someone said it

Edi revealed as one of the UK’s most right-swiped unis

What can we say? the people love us

Daily Mail article dubs Edinburgh ‘society’s new finishing school’

‘As for St Andrews? It’s over, according to the Queen’

Student moves in to find decomposing mouse in their new Edi uni flat

Warning: The pictures are grim

It’s official: Edinburgh is more fashionable than Glasgow

Of course we are

The most awful ways you found out someone was cheating on you

‘I haven’t fully been able to trust a guy since’

Why I’ll never lose my Scouse accent

A new study says London is killing off local dialects

It’s time to stop calling girls ‘crazy’

What’s worse, looking jealous or crazy?

Quiz: What subject should you really be studying?

Surely there’s still time to change??

Scottish men voted second most romantic in the UK

Are ye, aye?

A roundup of the BIGGEST things that happened in Edi this year

2015/16 has been a biggie

Edinburgh’s recommendation to spend £1k on graduation clothes is pure classism

Not only this, it’s so sexist it’s cringe-worthy

Multiple mice spotted in Hugh Robson Building


Kygo says inspiration for music comes from his days as a student in rainy Edinburgh

There’s hope for us all

There’s now a way to see ALL the pictures people have been liking on Facebook

Sorry fuckboys, there’s no where to hide

It’s official: Edinburgh Uni makes the UK top 20

We moved up one whole place