Chloe-Anne Stevenson

Student Contributor

Chloe-Anne Stevenson
Edinburgh University

Opinion, guides, politics, social commentary, Scottish student experience, music, pop culture, balancing work and academic studies.

  • Chloe Anne is currently a student contributor at the Tab Edinburgh. Her articles mainly focus on navigating student life, however she aims to correlate the student experience with wider social issues that affect all young people and their futures today.
  • Using sarcasm and humour her articles particularly focus on highlighting the irony of university life and classism in Edinburgh
  • Chloe is originally from and was raised in the Scottish Highlands, before moving to West Lothian and subsequently Edinburgh to pursue her joint degree in Philosophy and Theology.


Chloe joined the Tab Edinburgh as a student Contributer in December 2023. She is also involved in student theatre as a producer and sound designer which has allowed her to work as a producer for an upcoming show at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Chloe is a second year student at the University of Edinburgh, studying Philosophy and Theology. She has also studied music psychology, social anthropology and social policy while at uni.


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