How to make the most of May Balls

Get ready for absolute MAYhem

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May week, a.k.a. Cambridge’s promised land, has finally arrived. Exams are over, alcohol is pouring, the long summer days stretch on.

Some may think they’re over-hyped and overpriced but, for many Cantabs, this is the perfect way to celebrate a year in Cambridge. With tickets costing around £150 or more, you ought to make the most of your May Ball experience and here’s how.

Be well rested

May Balls tend to start at 8pm and go on until 6am – that’s 10 hours in heels or a hot coat and tails so be prepared. Stock up on as much sleep as you can the day before, that may mean sacrificing Sunday life but it’ll be well worth it in the end. You want to make sure that you’re there for the survivor’s photo at 6am in the morning because leaving early is for the weak.

Three in a bed and the little one said ‘what time does queue jump start?’

Wear comfortable shoes

Every girl’s dilemma – heels look great, especially in photos, but flats are so much comfier. No one wants to find their feet are blistered and bleeding at 3am, and have to go to the paramedic tent for plasters. Best to find shoes that are as comfortable as possible, or change into trainers as soon as you can, realistically they won’t be seen under a maxi dress.

Tactical queuing

No one wants to spend half their time at the May Ball queueing for the different stands. You don’t want to miss out on the music and entertainment. Co-ordinate with your friends as to who queues for which stands, and then split the food and drink. After all, sharing is caring.

Also in terms of queueing to get into the actual ball, be prepared to spend a while doing this unless you have queue jump. It can take up to an hour and a half to get into the actual ball so make sure you arrive early, have good queue company and queue activities planned. Take a load of pics in the queue – that way you have something to do and can take advantage of looking immaculate before the sweat and alcohol leave you looking worse for wear.

This picture is just one of many taken in the queue for Jesus May Ball

Pace your drinking

If you’ve spent the money, you want to get your money’s worth of drinks. This is no easy feat, as it is far too easy to get too drunk too early and find yourself tired and sober by 2am. Strategic planning is required. Stick to one drink an hour in order if you don’t want to find yourself passed out in an artificial igloo at Jesus May Ball by 1am.

Looking worse for wear at 10 to 5

Food glorious food

The other way of making the most of your money is to eat as much food as possible. Prepare yourself to go full Augustus Gloop on the night. Eat enough during the day to stay awake and sustained for the queue, but be prepared to fill your guts as soon as you get into the Ball. The trick is to eat small portions of each food they have on offer, so that you can try everything without getting full too early – eat a quarter of a Nanna Mex burrito instead of the whole thing so that you can also get some Aromi.

No caption needed

Have fun!

Despite all the strategic planning and stress to look your best during the day, remember to enjoy yourself! It’s the last week in Cambridge without having any work to do so make the most of it and get spicy – you’re going to need memories to hold onto when you’re heading back into the library in October.

Look forward to finding yourself sat in McDonald’s at 6am mourning the loss of May Week

All in all, May Week is a time to go wild and let out all that Cambridge stress – follow this advice and you can’t go wrong.