The Tab Cambridge

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Il Signor Bruschino Review

An ‘opera-for-people-who-hate-opera’ (as well as for those who love it)

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Witches review

A veritable delight

Calling all Freshers: join The Tab!

AKA Cambridge’s MOST READ student paper

BREAKING: Air ambulance lands in the middle of Trinity Great Court on Caesarian Sunday

Drinking society madness struck before noon

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CUSU REJECTS strike action refund

Students could have been compensated hundreds of pounds each by the University

A guide to lecture etiquette

You might want to sit down for this

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Cambridge embraces the rainbow – breaking a flagpole in the process

Even more Cambridge institutions fly the flag for LGBT+ History month!

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NEWS COLUMN: Get down with the gossip

Everything you need to know in one handy place…

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Clubbers of the Week: Week One

One tag equals one shame.

News Column: The salacious summary

There’s no better way to keep up with the gossip

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Blind Date: “The highlight of the night and the awkward moment were one and the same”

Law student Freddy meets Music student Ted

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Students across Cambridge wear black to raise awareness of sexual assault

A large number of students gathered outside the UL in black to support the Time’s Up campaign

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Clubbers of the Week: Refreshers Edition

It’s back… did you make it?

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CLASS LISTS: New easy opt-out system approved

University Council passes approval for easy opt-out system

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Why do Cambridge students complain so much?

Such a degree of moaning is neither cathartic nor entirely justified

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I quit social media

And nobody died

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Why does everyone want to know what I’m doing after uni?

And no, it’s not consultancy

Why are we still acting surprised at the number of Londoners at Oxbridge?

It’s clear that pupils from London and the southeast still dominate

Why are Cambridge students so obsessed with League Tables?

Our obsession with league tables is unproductive and reveals insecurities.

Why which college you go to matters

It has a huge influence