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Your College Aunts Week 5: Lockdown 2.0

Guess who’s back, back again…Your College Aunts, but also a cheeky national lockdown

Your College Aunts Week Four: Adapting to Covid

Back at it again with the romance and Covid questions

Fomo is evil, Hotel? Trivago and getting called out – New YCA podcast out now!

Essential isolation listening material!

Your College Aunts Week Three: Life During COVID

You know it’s a tense time when you’ve got the porters on speed dial

Your College Aunts Week Two: More Freshers and Refreshers

You’ve got 99 problems and finding ways to socialise definitely is one

What’s On: Week Two

Picnics, yet more quizzes and scavenger hunts galore

Night-time cuddles, catching feelings and closure is fake – The first YCA podcast is out!

You’ve read the column – now it’s time to listen to the podcast for more quality advice!

Your College Aunts Week One: Freshers and Refreshers

Your College Aunts tackle workload, routine, relationships and friendship in this week’s column