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I’ve fought to protect my mental health at Cambridge, but it feels like no one is listening

My experiences with reaching out for mental health support in Cambridge have left me feeling abandoned and something needs to change

A rugby player shared my nudes with all of his friends, and my uni did nothing

Because of coronavirus, the incident still hasn’t been resolved

‘WHITE POWER’ written on laundry whiteboard of Emmanuel College accommodation

The racist graffiti was found by a BME student

Cambridge student wears ‘Maddy is in my freezer’ T-shirt to rowing social

The t-shirt also said ‘Tommy Robinson = what a babe’

J4MB talk attendee accused of assaulting student protesters

Statements from student protesters allege that an attendee ‘[punched] one of the male protesters in the neck unprovoked, then [pushed] a female protester against a wall’

I tried Brie-ing: Dropping MDMA with soft cheese before a big night out

Middle-aged mums are popping pills with cheese, so I found whether it was worth the hype

Is this the end for Western culture?

Murray Edwards student Carina Tyrrell’s video for the Miss World competition is probably one of the most soul-crushing things you will ever watch.

Embarrassing Cambridge drinking soc tells members to ‘smash the girls’

They also claim their penises are in high demand

Student activist detained and deported from Israel

Activist and Northumbria student, Gary Spedding, deported from Israel and banned from entering the country for ten years after being branded a threat by Israeli officials.