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I’ve fought to protect my mental health at Cambridge, but it feels like no one is listening

My experiences with reaching out for mental health support in Cambridge have left me feeling abandoned and something needs to change

We spoke to the winners of Cambridge Best Bums 2020

A ‘stripped’-back interview about the journey to Best Bums fame

Cambridge Best Bums 2020: Meet the winners

The people have spoken, and there’s one bum who’s streaks ahead

Best Bums 2020 Round Three: Vote for your winner

It’s time to crown Cambridge’s Best Bum 2020

The Cambridge Tab Best Bums 2020: Round two

Vote now for your favourite bum in round two of a competition more hotly-anticipated than any varsity

VOTE NOW: BEST BUMS 2020 (Round One)

So many students chose to put their government-allowed time outdoors to good use, so exercise your democratic rights to vote now!

ENTER NOW: The Tab’s Best Bums 2020

This is the lockdown distraction you’ve been waiting for

University of Manchester student with ‘severe anxiety’ dies in halls

His father said: ‘If you lockdown young people because of Covid-19 with little support, then you should expect that they suffer severe anxiety’

We asked Cambridge students for their wildest night out stories

From the classic 4am Addies to waking up on a flight to Norway

Ranked: The most overplayed songs at Cindies

It’s the same every week, but we’ll keep going back for more

A rugby player shared my nudes with all of his friends, and my uni did nothing

Because of coronavirus, the incident still hasn’t been resolved

‘WHITE POWER’ written on laundry whiteboard of Emmanuel College accommodation

The racist graffiti was found by a BME student

37 per cent of Cambridge students will vote Lib Dem, according to Tab Survey

Bad news for Labour, at only 18 per cent

Cambridge student wears ‘Maddy is in my freezer’ T-shirt to rowing social

The t-shirt also said ‘Tommy Robinson = what a babe’

For the love of God, please learn to cycle

Basic bike safety because apparently some of you need it

Review: Shakers: Restirred

Wit, charm and warmth in deepest Yorkshire.

J4MB talk attendee accused of assaulting student protesters

Statements from student protesters allege that an attendee ‘[punched] one of the male protesters in the neck unprovoked, then [pushed] a female protester against a wall’

Review: Ghost: The Musical


REVIEW: The Plague

A minimalist, dystopian production worthy of your exam term time

Five Cambridge f*ckboys and the ways in which they will f*ck you over

Ladies beware…save yourselves the heartache

Can it B-ME?

Why we need a full-time BME Sabbatical Officer

How getting an STI changed the way I view Sexual Health

One Student’s cautionary tale on why you should always slap some latex on your gonads

Penny and Phil: Feminist Focus

In (it for) the ladies…?

Penny and Phil: Valentine’s

Improve your sex life…?

Il Signor Bruschino Review

An ‘opera-for-people-who-hate-opera’ (as well as for those who love it)

Cambridge’s Best Bum of 2018: THE WINNERS

The cheekiest Cam competition has come to a close

Review: Angry Reacts Only

Lots of German electro references – but does the craft work? 3.5/5

How to pull in the library

The ultimate study guide


It’s time to get CHEEKy again


Follow all the teams’ shenanigans as they race back to Cambridge

Witches review

A veritable delight

New Zealand Wines will be selling alcohol again at 5pm today

No word on the NOS

BREAKING: King’s College Communist flag is MISSING

What would Marx say?

Life VK price raised as 4 for £10 deal SCRAPPED

£3.33 for 250ml of glorified squadka is an objectively terrible deal.

CUCA are sliding into people’s DMs

And not in the sexy way

I tried Brie-ing: Dropping MDMA with soft cheese before a big night out

Middle-aged mums are popping pills with cheese, so I found whether it was worth the hype

Cambridge COMES Second

Sex Toys? That’s going straight in my basket.

Evie Aspinall takes CUSU Crown

The Vice President of Cambridge for Consent is elected CUSU President

Union candidate proposes speaker sharing with Oxford

Jonas Dein aims to reduce dropouts

LIVE BLOG: CUSU/GU Election Coverage

Another year, another twelve months of student representation…

REVEALED: Cambridge’s best bums winner 2017

The people have spoken

RAG is changing – the university’s biggest society just got more charitable

The Tab talks to Louis Slater, the Chair of Cambridge RAG

EXCLUSIVE: Union Spring Ball theme announced

They’re celebrating ‘all things sleek and futuristic’

VOTE NOW: Cambridge’s Best Bums 2017

Who has Cambridge’s most tantalising tush? You decide – cast your vote at the bottom of the article!


Follow all the teams’ antics here, as they race to beat Oxf*rd in this year’s RAG LOST


It’s time to get CHEEKy

LIVEBLOG: The CUSU Freshers’ Fair 2017

Visit our stall, sweet and lovely freshers, we await

SHIT COLLEGE: the central ones

What you’ve all been waiting for – vote now!

SHIT COLLEGE 2017: the far away ones

Your chance to vote on the undisputed shittiest college

LIVEBLOG: RAG Jailbreak 2k17

36 Hour coverage of Cantabs fleeing the bridge for charity

ELECTION LIVEBLOG: Daisy leads by SEVEN votes in our poll

Only a few hours left…

UNION MISOGYNY SCANDAL: Shocking allegations against a committee member emerge

Multiple women have come forward

TOP 10 REVEALED: The Biggest BNOCs of 2017

Cambridge’s biggest egos are going to get even bigger

Live Updates: Pembroke break silence over penalty for money-burning student

More information as it comes


Love is in the air

VOTE NOW: Cambridge’s Top 100 BNOCs

Find out if YOU made the cut

Cambridge protests Trump

‘Our protest brings all the girls to the square and they’re like, he’s got shit hair’

Could YOU be Cambridge’s Biggest BNOC?

Nominate a Cantab now

CUSU vote to BOYCOTT Student Satisfaction Survey

The decision was made at CUSU Council this evening.

Cantab appears in viral video containing ‘monkey noises’ made in reference to black Bristol student

“I decided that I didn’t have to put up with it and neither does anyone else”

Give the people their columnists

It is what you’ve all been dying to know, after all

Do you want to be a Tab News Writer?

The best gossip and stash in Cambridge can be yours

‘He was banging on our front door’: Last night a man came to my house with a machete

A man has been arrested for wielding a machete in Aberystwyth. We spoke to the brave person who calmed him down

LIVEBLOG: The Varsity Rugby Match 2016

The Tab brings you live updates from the Battle of the Blues

Oxford Student dies during Varsity Ski Trip

A tragic loss

REVEALED: Cambridge’s Best Bum

You voted in your thousands, but who cracked it to the top spot?

EXPOSED: Cambridge Charity Fashion Show funds ILLEGAL charity

The committee checked their Instagram followers, not their finances.

VOTE NOW: Cambridge’s Best Bums 2016

You decide who topped last year. Make sure you cast your vote at the bottom of the article.

US ELECTION LIVEBLOG: Cambridge students react to end of the world

Watch as Cambridge bathes in the tears of the Founding Fathers

YES campaign force CUSU to campaign for class lists

It’ll be up to CUSU to make sure the opt-out happens


Keep up with all the action as stranded Cantabs compete against The Other Place to make it back first.

Corbyn is not a saviour of the people

He can be just as bad as everyone else

BEST BUMS 2016 IS HERE: Do you have Cambridge’s perkiest peach?

Why not have a *crack* at it?

Cambridge may be the country’s gayest uni, but it’s still not easy

The wider world is a hard place

Cambridge Guild releases Michaelmas term card to ‘shake-up’ the careers scene at Cambridge

They’re bringing Mars to Cambridge

Review: SIX Restaurant at the Varsity Hotel

Alcohol before 11am is always a win

Cambridge’s appropriation of the working class makes for bitter social division

Nobody likes a phony, as Holden Caulfield would say, and as the U.S electorate’s distaste of Hillary Clinton would demonstrate.

EXCLUSIVE: Oxbridge’s Varsity ski trip announces its best line-up in years


LIVEBLOG DAY 2: CUSU Freshers’ Fair 2016

Drop everything and come here

Apply to be a Fresher Columnist for Cambridge’s most read student paper

Read on for fun, fame and fortune

Completely anonymous drug survey

Sniff sniff.



Cambridge confused by rest of the country as Brexit begins

73.8% of the city voted in vain to remain – “intolerable damage” for the University here we come

Ai Weiwei, the ‘most powerful artist in the world’, comes to Cambridge – and blasts Brexit

‘A nation should be generous’: The Chinese dissident spoke to The Tab as part of his extraordinary May Week visit

Cambridge joins Oxford and LSE to create ‘Davos for students’

Keeping up with the Cantabs? It’s called ‘Collegium’ and university societies from the Ivy League to Japan have already signed up

Aber rise up two places in Guardian Uni Rankings

We’re going up in the world

What I learnt from my first year at Cambridge

N.B: It was west.

Which is Cambridge’s most notorious drinking society?

We want you, cherished readers, to help us choose.

LIVEBLOG: Eurovision 2016

For all those who feel too guilty spending the last Saturday before exams begin watching pop culture at it’s finest, never fear! You can spend it refreshing our liveblog.

SHIT SUBJECT: The Sciences

VOTE NOW: We know, we’ve stretched the definition of ‘Science’ quite far.

LIVEBLOG: CUSU Council NUS Reckoning

The NUS Referendum and the fate of TCS are about to be decided

Five John’s ‘lads’ banned from the May Ball

*Insert something witty about karma*

Tab Guide to irrevocably ruining Cambridge’s reputation this Caesarean Sunday

Smile for the nice Daily Mail man!

LIVE BLOG: Peterhouse dominates University Challenge Final

Arched eyebrows, thinking faces, and Paxman putdowns. You guessed it, it’s The Tab’s coverage of the University Challenge Final 2016.

Queens’ College BANS trying to live near friends in brutal ballot shakeup

Students argue the college is repeatedly ignoring student concerns over the new arrangements.


Nothing wrong with a bit of negativity.

Cantabs in ‘bondage’ gear attract national attention at Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show

Pippa Bull and Rebecca Thomas were amongst the few bold female Cantabs who also strutted their stuff topless

Tab TV: Meaning of Life, Week 1: American Politics

This week FINN MCREDMOND asks Sunday Life goers about American politics

TOP TEN REVEALED: The Biggest Names in Cambridge, as chosen by YOU

This year’s winner – a self-described “terrible person” – is a SHOCKER.