Review: A Doll’s House

Ibsen’s 1879 classic, retold on the Cambridge stage.

Review: How to Live, Laugh and Love (with Sophie Stemmons)

A hilarious stand-up show by Footlight Sophie Stemmons, which had the audience in stitches

Review: Beauty and the Yeast (Infection)

He’s behind you!

Week 6 Poem of the Week: ‘Five Minutes’ by Sasha Brealey

Sasha talks to us about the concept of time in her poem and describes how university has helped her explore writing further

Week 5 Poem of the Week: ‘Away From Home’ by Bernice Chan

Our fifth Poet of the Week, Bernice, speaks about her experience of separation from her home and culture

Week 4 Poem of the Week: ‘Panchali’ by Vinith Bhandari

We spoke to Vinith over Zoom about the background to his Indian epic-inspired poem

Review: Vanity Fair

A comedy of fortunes, errors, and everything in between…

Culture Trip Week Four: Summer Will Come

The last recommendations before exams!

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


Week 3 Poem of the Week: ‘These are my Identities’ by Emily Nixon

We spoke to Emily about her excellent poem and how she finds poetry capable of conveying powerful statements

Review: An Open Book

Writer Rosalind Moran brings us a truly ‘novel’ take on the hidden amorality of academics

Culture Trip Week Three: Procrastination

Recommendations to justify my procrastination

Review: Enron

Neve Kennedy’s stunning vision turns economics into something iconic

Best Bookshops in Cambridge

Your tell-all guide to the best bookish hideaways of the town

Review: Hooded

It’s time to take down the billionaires!

Review: The Chair

Enlightening and heartfelt, this historical comedy-drama explores what it means to be Singaporean

Review: Footlights Smokers

‘A night of magnetic ecstasy…?’ Possibly not, but after all humour is subjective