Review: Oedipus Tyrannus

‘Nothing can have the same effect on a mortal soul as to have been made a spectator in all its horror’

Review: The Chaplain (Read-Through)

‘Indeed there is darkness about…’

Preview: Oedipus Tyrannus

Tyran-tastic or just plain tragic?

Review: Penelope Quadrangle and the Meaning of Friendship

‘Siri… play my pleasantly surprised playlist’

Review: Still Life

Glimpses of soft-spoken love and charming flirtations before the whistle blows for the train ride home

Review: Thunderstorm

‘The mistakes of the parents are the mistakes of the children’

Review: Jellyfish Brains

This show feels like being submerged underwater and asked whether there is any point in love if it is so similar to pain

Review: Carrie: The Musical

‘I am a song of endless wonder that no one will claim but someday someone will know my name!’

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Review: Squires

From ‘Wouldn’t it be strange if we were ants?’ to ‘Girls are just like the rest of us and not different people!’

Review: Vignettes from an Inkblot Archipelago

An emotional rollercoaster with a poignant insight into the human experience

Review: The Corpse in the Room

‘If you spend any amount of time with a person, you will form some sort of bond…’

Review: Epicoene

A modern interpretation of a 16th century comedy

Review: Blackadder Goes Forth – Cambridge Does Comic Relief

A performance that did justice to the much-loved British comedy

Review: Emma

An Austenite’s dream! (and Jane’s own nightmare)

Review: Neighbourhood Watch

Nothing bad happens in suburbia…right?

Review: Romeo and Juliet

Brilliant acting on a tough stage.