Review: fruit(ful)

A vibrant exploration of the struggles of womanhood

Preview: Scary Old World

A completely unique dystopian sketch show running at the ADC theatre from November 28th-29th

Week 6 Poem of the Week: ‘On the day she leaves’ by Andrea Komova

Our week 6 poet, Andrea, talks to us about her use of poetry to connect with others and portray struggles with mental health

Preview: The Haunting of Hill House

Izzy Grout presents this exciting “intimate study in fear, love and the forces that draw us together and threaten to push us apart”

Review: In Black Water

This emotionally charged portrayal of the power of writing packs a punch

Review: Dance Nation

An electrifying ‘Dance Moms turned dark’ cult-classic

Preview: Dance Nation

ADC Theatre presents ‘Dance Nation’, an honest portrayal of girlhood that is out for blood

Preview: In Black Water

Alicia Powell offers an insight into the creative process behind this student-devised tale

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Poets of the Week: Cambridge’s 5 most famous poet alumni

How many of them did you know?

Review: No Exit

Zainab Athumani’s take on this existentialist fever dream makes death seem more alive than ever

Review: Chess

Cold War satire rocks the ADC stage

Iona Luke: Existentialism, Patti Smith and Performing at Mash

Music for the introverts of Cambridge

Episode 1 of new Cambridge podcast He Said, She Said is out!

A new sex, love, and relationships podcast brought to you by two mostly clueless (but quite chatty) Cambridge fourth years

Review: Phaedra’s Love

The Pembroke Players’ spin on Sarah Kane’s Phaedra’s Love is anything but boring

Review: Amadeus

That’s Amadeus baby – a gem in the crown of Cambridge theatre

Poem of the Week: ‘On Leaving Cambridge’ by Xu Zhimo

A poem which explores the connections between China and Cambridge by a poet whose life was famously immersed in mystique