Preview: Practice Room 99 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Sumo suits? Trumpets? Drama? Count me in

Bops and bangers: We gave you an album to listen to at every key location in Cambridge

The go-to album list to become the main character

Review: Memento Mori

A delightfully dark comedy of errors, ambition, and reflection

Review: Consent

A powerfully thought-provoking script from Nina Raine comes alive in this electric ADC adaptation.

Culture Trip Week Seven: So-long Exams, Hello Summer!

It’s that time of year again (maybe Week Seven, who knows?) and (Delta notwithstanding) it’s high time we had ourselves some culture!

No Cash preview: A year in the making

“No Cash is funky, feelgood and frenetic: an intoxicating joyride that will leave you beaming like an extra in a Gaviscon ad”.

Preview: No Quarter at the ADC Theatre

After multiple delays and setbacks due to the pandemic, No Quarter will finally be hitting live theatre.

Culture Trip: Live Theatre is Back Baby!

Sorry I didn’t sit my exam, I was at the ADC

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


Culture Trip Week Two: Our top picks to keep the revision blues at bay

Yes, technically it might be Week Three now, but it’s Easter Term: who really knows what week we’re in any more?

How to make your own socially distanced play

A top guide to keeping other people away. In a nice way.

Stop Signs preview: We spoke to the team behind Cam FM’s fabulous new show

Did someone say road trip?!

Culture Trip Week One: Here we go again!

We’re back and better than ever

Top-notch tunes: We asked Cambridge students what music they listen to for studying

As Shakespeare wrote: ‘If music be the food of studying, play on’

Review: In a Cave a Voice

A haunting audio-immersive production set in the Neolithic period that calls us to turn our room into a cave

Review: CUADC/Footlights Panto: Sleeping Beauty

A slick and charming performance that was wittily adapted to an online format

Review: The Balloonist Masterplan: Forgotten Lives

A wild ride through time and space filled with robots, prison breaks and lots of tea