Review: Gaslight

Unwatcheable at times. Brilliant

The ultimate post-exams watchlist

Time for the post-exams TV binge

Culture Trip Week 8: Summer

Freedom from the endless academia lies in sharks, teen drama, and Stevie Wonder

Review: Love’s Labour’s Lost

A comedic success – a show perfect for the summertime

Preview: God of Carnage

A fun-filled social commentary to start your May Week

Review: Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play

A story about storytelling – Mr. Burns transcends time and space

Review: Educating Rita

A show capturing the dynamics of a supervisor/student relationship, without having to experience the personal academic stress!

Review: Unearthed

A masterful play full of drama, tension, and rifts

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Review: One Man, Two Guvnors

A chaotic evening for sure, in the best way possible

Review: Girl Torque

Women in STEM: laugh, or you’ll cry

Review: The Seagull

Moving, thrilling and breathtaking – The Seagull is an utter triumph

Review: The Herb Garden

A lesson in musical storytelling

Preview: The Seagull

An ambitious rendition with great technical scale, and a very emotional and raw core.

Review: Secreting

This play will make you nostalgic for the chaotic teenage house party you never wished to go to again

Review: Low Effort Sketches: The First Effort

Dynamic duo displays a masterclass in sketch comedy

Review: 1984

As intriguing and creative as it is disturbing