BREAKING: Air ambulance lands in the middle of Trinity Great Court on Caesarian Sunday

Drinking society madness struck before noon

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Around midday, an air ambulance touched down in Trinity College Great Court. In a shocking first for the college, the sight even managed to draw flocks of students out of the library. While the exact cause was unclear, students at the scene said it was called for a student who was unresponsive. He has since been taken to hospital, but his condition is as yet unknown. Other ambulances were also seen in front of the college and porters were stationed at the entrances to turn away tourists.

Reportedly, the Cobblers, Trinity’s all-male drinking society, initiate new members on Caesarian Sunday. The Cobblers initiations are believed to have started at 6am this morning. Students were complaining about the noise from initiations interrupting their work in the early hours of the morning. Senior members of the Cobblers were allegedly seen in the area, looking “stressed”.

Speaking from the depths of the library, an anonymous student told The Tab “It’s exam term, I can’t understand how anybody has time for initiations. How are they not studying?”

Another student said ‘I saw the ambulance and I was really concerned as to what was going on. Hopefully the person’s alright, but we haven’t been told anything by college as to what’s going on’.

The air ambulance was spotted flying very low in Cambridge with some students suspecting that it was headed for Jesus Green, where C-Sunday celebrations are currently underway. One C-Sunday reveller said ‘most of what goes on here doesn’t get too out of hand, but obviously having an ambulance called to the University does not help with the image that’s held up of Cambridge students going crazy and out of control’.

This is not the first time students have been in trouble for bad behaviour associated with drinking society events. In 2015 John’s boys were criticised for misogynistic comments made at drinking soc swaps. Last year, Queens’ were condemned for holding initiations outside a church on Remembrance Sunday. Other “sporting societies” have banned initiations over concerns that they encouraged laddish behaviour and sexism.

Caesarian Sunday is primarily a day for members of drinking societies to gather before exams. The name of the day itself comes from an infamous brawl between The Caesarians – the Jesus drinking society – and the Girton Green Monsters.

This is not the first time an air ambulance has been called in response to student excess on Caesarian Sunday. In 2015 a member of the Sidney drinking soc – the Roundheads – was taken to hospital after accidentally setting himself and his sheep costume on fire on Jesus Green.

UPDATE: The University has confirmed that ‘Ambulance services were called to Trinity College on Sunday. A member of College was taken to hospital where treatment was given. The College would like to thank the ambulance service for its prompt response.’

Trinity College porters declined to comment on the matter.

The Tab has also reached out to Trinity College.