REVIEW: Legally Blonde

The most unnecessary review yet (read: all the tickets are already gone)

Review: 2030

A fun, light-hearted sketch-show

Review: The 23-Hour Sketch Show

A quickly-written, quick-fire show

Review: Yerma

A tale of two plays

REVIEW: The Unbelievable Ending of the World

Where do I begin

Review: A Festival of New Writing

A chance to see the theatre of the future in action.

REVIEW: Atomic Jaya

Bombastic, bonkers, bristling with energy

Review: Hedda Gabler

Fancy that!

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Review: Conversations With Myself

A curious play with a pervasive aura of threat and mania – but at the same time engaging on a very human level.

Review: CUBC’s Don Quixote

A classic love story with a slightly irrelevant title character

REVIEW: The War of the Worlds

Ambitious and energetic musical extravaganza

Pole Society Lent Showcase: Review

What an absolute joy.

Footlights Spring Revue’d

Check in and check this one out

How to get involved in Cambridge Footlights

Tips from the Footlights Membership Officer


‘Step in Time’ would not be out of place on the West End stage

Review: Hangmen

Capital entertainment