Freya Watts

Senior Editor for Theatre and Culture

Freya Watts
Cambridge University

Television and theatre around the UK; Sport (particularly rowing); Lifestyle and Culture; Art and Literature.

  • Freya is the Senior Editor for Theatre and Culture in Cambridge, and is passionate about highlighting the amazing productions and cultural interests here in Cambridge.
  • She is excited to meet the students who drive the cultural scene in the city and showcase their talent and drive. Freya also loves to meet new writers who love publishing their work.
  • Freya studies Biological Natural Sciences, and is very happy to be branching into the topics surrounding all of society and writing about what unites all of us. In her spare time she rows and plays football for her college.


Freya first wrote for the Tab in 2023 as a Features author, and joined the Senior Editing Team in Janurary 2024. Before university, she was involved in the management of teams of writers and debaters.


Freya is in her first year at Queens' College, University of Cambridge. She went to school in the West Midlands and studied Biology, Chemistry, Maths and French at A Level.


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