Zero Carbon occupiers taken to court

Cambridge University threatens to evict occupying students through County Court order

Have Zero Carbon Cambridge gone too far?

Are their recent actions alienating or uniting the students who agree with their aim?

Pembroke June Event Headliner REVEALED

Get ready to dance the night away

Cambridge sees 70% increase in study drug usage within a decade

Results from the study drugs survey see an increasing trend in students taking them

I tried Brie-ing: Dropping MDMA with soft cheese before a big night out

Middle-aged mums are popping pills with cheese, so I found whether it was worth the hype

New exam term first: Tab tries Brie with ecstasy

Middle aged mums are popping pills with cheese, is it worth the hype?

Divestment indecision

After the long wait…the University Council is undecided

Students rally outside Senate House in last push for divestment

Meanwhile, one man makes a fiery stand against divestment…

What your college says about your vagina | The Periodical

The question on everyone’s lips

Eh, who cares about the royal wedding?

Not me, but it’s an excuse for strawberries and prosecco

Syrian teenager awarded FULL SCHOLARSHIP to study at Cambridge

Hundreds of students signed an open letter to put pressure on the university

How to tourist your way through Cam

Revel in post-exam bliss and break yourself out of the bubble

A Syrian teenager is fundraising to study at Cambridge

An offer-holder from the war-torn country has set up a GoFundMe page to help him afford his dream

Grudgebridge: A Mess with a Message?

Questionable page demonstrates College system shortcomings

Toope and Virgo to go ‘underground’ to sort out drinking societies

In an entirely unexpected revelation, senior tutors criticise drinking society culture

Weak 3’s News Colon

For all you cantabs with intenstinal issues and a love of news

Decoration not ‘defacement’: Cambridge must face up to Climate Change

Zero Carbon shares why they felt they had no choice but to take their message to Senate House

Fake posts exposed on Grudgebridge

Posts cannot be verified for falsities and depends on honesty of the sender