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APPLY: The Tab’s Creative Team

Artists, photographers, designers…come out of the woodwork


Life as we know it is over

Why a Cambridge term is basically Love Island

I mean they’re both 8 weeks

Caius Economics fellow protests NAKED* in viral video

…*well, wearing nothing but £70

Breaking up on the Bridge

The Tab’s Guide to Crushed Hearts in Cambridge

On Shakespeare and FOMO

‘Angst? For graduation? Groundbreaking.’

REVIEW: Wolfson May Ball

Nice start, Wolfson

REVIEW: Jesus May Ball

Aurora certainly lit up the night

REVIEW: Clare May Ball

A ball promising to explore the heavens doesn’t get off the ground.

Dr Gopal accuses King’s College Porters of racism

Cambridge English academic refuses to supervise students at King’s in response to treatment by Porters

Goodbye My Friends: On Going on a Year Abroad

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

REVIEW: Robinson May Ball

Nothing suspicious about this really

Horoscopes: the May Week edition

What May (Week) be on the cards for you?

An ode to first year Law

How to get away with murder

An open letter to a John’s May Ball Ticket

To yours truly from every Cantab ever xoxo

Outrage over speaker’s remarks at CUCA termly dinner

Journalist James Delingpole joked about Jimmy Saville and was dismissive about sex with underage girls