Evie Selby

Senior Editor for Interviews

Evie Selby
Cambridge University

Student news, politics, interviews, History, University of Cambridge, student lifestyle, campus culture, campus news, student events

  • Evie is currently Section Editor for Interviews of The Tab Cambridge in which she leads a team of writers and edits their work, as well as producing her own articles for the site.
  • Evie mainly writes Interviews with celebrated figures who are visiting or situated in Cambridge. She is also particularly interested in news and political journalism.
  • In her free time, Evie enjoys playing sports at university. She also enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures.


Evie joined The Tab Cambridge in 2023 as a student writer in her first year, and has since gone on to become a Section Editor for News and Interviews and is now the Senior Editor for Interviews.


Evie Selby is in her second year at the University of Cambridge where she is studying History. She is also undertaking an intermediate French course.


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