Jessica Spearman

Senior Features Editor

Jessica Spearman
Cambridge University

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  • As Senior Editor of The Cambridge Tab, Jessica Spearman is responsible for the Features Section
  • Jess mainly writes articles under the Features section. She finds Features to be the most entertaining section, and a reflection of Cambridge culture. She also writes for the Opinions section
  • Jess enjoys debating, documentaries and writing for The Tab. She is very interested in journalism. She is also a part of the Taylor Swift Society Committee at Cambridge


Jess started writing for the Features and Opinions sections of The Cambridge Tab in October 2023, before progressing to Senior Features Editor in January 2024. She also recently started writing for The National Tab.


Jessica is a second-year History student at the University of Cambridge, with a keen interest in gender in early modern Britain. She is General Events Officer for the Cambridge University Society of History committee


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